Procurement Leaders awards shortlist

Procurement Leaders have announced the shortlists for their awards later this year.  It is a very international field, reflecting the strong pan-European network Procurement Leaders have built, with some impressive names.

This is one of the really positive signs of how procurement and supply chain has developed over the last decade or so. I remember Peter Williams as CIPS Chair then President some ten years ago pushing the idea of the CIPS awards - I have to admit I thought he was mad!  No-one would be interested in awards for procurement people, I thought.  How ridiculous*.   But Peter had great faith in the idea and after a slow start (it took about 3 years to build interest) it suddenly took off.  So now we have two excellent events; CIPS Supply Management awards and Procurement Leaders.   The Oscars and the Grammies of the procurement world as I like to think of them....

And remember, your entries for the SM awards must be submitted by April 16th.

* showing again my great ability to spot exciting new ideas; I was the man who told the inventor of  Mars Ice Cream it would never sell.....

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