Procurement Leaders, Newsletters and Commercial Directors in court..

I was at the Procurement Leaders forum yesterday after the awards dinner of Monday night. In all, it was a very successful and impressive event.  And the 'roundtable' session I led on Complex Services procurement seemed to go very well - standing room only - and we had great audience involvement considering it was straight after a very good lunch! Thanks to everyone who made it easy and enjoyable for me, and to Beeline for asking me to do it.

I made some good new contacts, but also met up with some old friends - Soren Vammen, CEO of Dilf ( a sort of Danish CIPS) who has a new business venture, Kairos Commodities, which we'll write about in more detail shortly, and Maggie Robinson, who I worked with at Mars - well, I won't say how long ago, to be gallant to Maggie!  I've also got a photo from the event to feature on Friday (with further comments from the event)  once I've got it downloaded ...

Changing tack, our latest monthly newsletter was published this week - you can subscribe via the link in the bottom corner of the page if you don't get it already. Or email me for this month's edition if you missed that.

Now, we take great care with the newsletter. Our editorial panel includes several winners of the Booker Prize, teams of crack Harvard-educated proof-readers slave over it and an entire village of Vietnamese Buddhist monks then  hand-craft every word in ivory and vellum. So you could imagine the embarrassment when we realised one small mistake- we got the moth wrong. It was of course the May edition, not April as it said. Many apologies.

Finally, this fascinating report in the Mail was pointed out to me;  Ken Anderson, who made a huge impact as Commercial Director in the Department of Health from around 2002 - 7, is being taken to court by the Department.

A High Court writ issued in the name of Health Secretary Andrew Lansley claims up to £250,000 in damages and compensation from Ken Anderson – the controversial Texan businessman drafted into Whitehall by Tony Blair to encourage more private-sector involvement in the NHS.

The writ claims he was given a Porsche Carrera 911 by a former colleague whose consultancy firm was being paid £1,300 a day by the Department of Health, and a week-long holiday with his three sons in the Turks and Caicos Islands, gifts to which he was not entitled.

We'll definitely come back to this shortly - and it just shows how careful you have to be when awarding consultancy contracts.... 

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  1. Coboman:

    Andersen and his ilk are the ones who have been driving the privatisation campaign.

    Looks like Porches might become the car of choice for GP consortium managers, allegedly.

  2. Final Furlong:

    Mr Anderson: what goes around comes around…

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