Procurement Leaders – World Procurement Awards Shortlist Announced

On May 17, Procurement Leaders, in conjunction with SAP Ariba, will be hosting the 2018 World Procurement Awards at the Intercontinental, The O2, London. They’ve just announced this year’s shortlist, but given the amount of categories we can’t mention them all, so you can view them here.

Basically there are 15 categories, relating to the function, leader or organisation, which typically attract over 400 entries in total. So to get shortlisted is quite an achievement. And from the list we can see there’s a good mix of industries from health to cosmetics, banking and universities, and both private and public sectors are represented. So good luck to all of them; most of them have been preparing their entries for about a year now under fairly strict criteria.

The types of procurement project they are entering for include outstanding results in: innovation, teamwork, new processes or use of technology, collaboration with other functions or suppliers, and outstanding social, ethical, environmental and community-focused initiatives.

Now, the instructions for the submissions depend on the category, but one example is for the Procurement Excellence Award, which requires:

A clear example of how the procurement function has met the above criteria of excellence in the last 12 months. (150 words)

A testimonial from a key business stakeholder, where possible. (100 words)

How procurement is structured in the organisation and how and why this contributes to superior performance. (150 words)

Tangible examples of how procurement has positively impacted the business in terms of cost, risk and/or value creation over the past 12 months. Please include evidence of success wherever possible. (750 words)

This is a tough task in a few hundred words! It’s not even as long as some of our blog posts. So we guess the art, or skill, comes in narrowing down the achievements to what will really make the judges sit up and listen. Then how you prove your success as well, is anyone’s guess – we’d love to see an entry and see how they manage it! But this is followed by face-to-face judging as well, so it’s not just what’s on paper that counts.

It’s clearly worth it though, as the awards have been going for about 11 years now, with no shortage of entries; if you’d like to see short videos of previous award winners, and the judges’ citations on what made them win, you can view that here.

The awards follow the World Procurement Congress, and by all accounts are a ‘great night out’ – especially if you win! Either way, you get to enjoy the atmosphere with over 850 procurement innovators and teams from across the globe. If you’d like to book, the options are here. And good luck to one and all.


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