US Procurement News: Attack Marketing Spend, Monitor Group and Libya, Hubwoo’s New Network

Part 1 of a (very popular) continuing series:

How to Attack Marketing Spend (Part 1) -- A couple weeks ago, Thomas wrote a piece around his experience at ProcureCon's inaugural meeting around Digital and Marketing Services. Judging from the traffic it received, it appears that the procurement/marketing relationship is a hot topic. And why wouldn't it be? Baffling marketing spend works procurement into a spend analysis PPR tizzy, and marketing responds with a despondent, teenage-whine-level "but we're creaaaaative. You just don't understaaaaand." So Thomas decided to write up what turned into quite a lengthy series on Spend Matters PRO. We'll feature Part 1 today: How to Attack Marketing Spend (Part 1)

Concluding our interview with Jeremy Hildreth.

Monitor Group and Libya: The Consultant Interview and Perspective (Part 3) -- Please click here for the first and second installments in this series. We've also covered the news of Monitor's bankruptcy extensively on our public site (herehere, and here) as well as on our subscription site, Spend Matters PRO, from an instructive supply risk and services procurement vantage point: Monitor Group Goes Bankrupt: Why Services Procurement and Risk Management Best Practices Matter. Drop Sheena a line for a free Spend Matters PRO trial:

Part 3 on Hubwoo’s new network launch.

Hubwoo’s New Network Launch: Plumbing, Collaboration & More (Part 3) -- Please click here for the first and second installments of this series. In positioning its new network and enhanced capability, Hubwoo spends quite a bit of time playing up the "social" capabilities of the collaborative environment that encourages suppliers not only to maintain profiles, but to also to rank and rate supplier capabilities and performance that is the closest version of a B2B Yelp we've seen. While we believe that networks leveraging aggregate systems performance data (e.g., SAP Supplier InfoNet) are likely to be more valuable for predicting supplier performance and risk information, the social component of a Yelp-type model could be useful.

Amazon Supply shakes things up!

Amazon Supply: Changing the Face of MRO? -- Earlier this year, we covered the launch of Amazon Supply (see some of our analysis here and here). Industrial distribution and MRO is an area we'll be covering on Spend Matters with much greater detail throughout 2013, including how new entrants like Amazon Supply complement (and threaten) incumbents including Grainger. Our hypothesis is that the market is ultimately Amazon's to lose, in large part because of the investment they're making in a state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution back-end. Witness not only their site build-outs but also their acquisition of robotics and software company Kiva Systems.

A changing industry...

13 for 2013: Procurement Talent Observations (Part 1) -- A lot of our research work has made us realize that there is a significant disconnect between typical levels of expertise within procurement organizations, and actual talent requirements necessary to deliver the types of programs and results that executive management and shareholders increasingly expect from the function are hard to find. Moreover, the fact that we know three individuals that come from the procurement world (consultants and executives) who have somewhat recently gotten into procurement recruiting by starting their own executive search firms points to the fact that there is demand to up-skill the function. (Part 2 here)

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Should We Fire Procurement and Supply Chain From Supply Chain Risk Management? (Part 1)

Should We Fire Procurement and Supply Chain From Supply Chain Risk Management? (Part 2)

Should We Fire Procurement and Supply Chain From Supply Chain Risk Management? (Part 3)

Vintage 45 find:

For music this week, we're going vintage. I found some surprising vinyl treasures in central Missouri (where I was for the Thanksgiving holiday), and this was my favorite. From the Texas-based Masqueraders, here’s your Friday sweet group harmony soul fix from 1968:

- Sheena Moore

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