Procurement News August 7th/ 8th – drugs, gambling, war and sexy films…

The Canadian Globe and Mail reports that Canadian provinces are getting together to buy drugs to offset the spiralling cost ...the debate around the optimal level for public procurement (local / regional / national) is not just a British one.

A Birmingham family firm almost went under when a purchasing manager stole cable to sell and feed his gambling addition, according to the Birmingham Mail.  The problem is I always want to know more in cases like  this; what sort of stock control system did they have?  How did he override it (or was he always going to get found out?)  How did it get discovered?  But of course this rarely gets reported; the press seem mainly interested in how the ill gotten gains were spent! has a piece about cutbacks in military expenditure across Europe, with Bulgaria the latest country to announce cancellation of orders, for helicopters and transport planes in this case.  Cuts have been seen in Italy and are expected in Germany, France, and of course the UK.

And finally... the Guardian reports that, after becoming the UK's biggest buyers of pretty much everthing you can retail, Tesco are moving into the film bsuiness, with their first straight to DVD, to be sold exclusively in their stores.  "Paris Connections' is an adaptation of a Jackie Collins book and features a heart stopping chase in the pet food aisle, and a pretty explicit romantic scene over a Tecso Value lasagne . and is a glamorous take on the fashion industry.  Cuts out the middle man, clever supply chain innovation....

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