Procurement News – BSF, COI and CIPS/Markit

Here are the latest news stories that caught our attention.

An article from Pinsent Masons - one of the most active law firms in public procurement - on the Project Data File site asks what construction firms could do in terms of challenges or claims around Building Schools for the Future, and what might come next.

The Central Office of Information, who run Government procurement frameworks in marketing and advertising categories, and include a number of procurement specialists amongst their numbers, announce a staff cut of almost 40%. Given their workload is down over 50%,  a cost base reduction of 40% means that their overall productivity will still have declined; not as dramatic a piece of 'slashing' as we might have expected.  But I know that will be of no consolation to the staff who will be affectd.

And the CIPS / Markit Services Index was weaker than expected, renewing double-dip fears.  Our US friends at Spend Matters have been gloomy for a while now, and I have on balance shared that view.  But I wondered whether my jaundiced view was because I work around the public sector so much?   I was hearing of so many friends, consulting, construction, marketing and other firms seeing a sudden decline in business because of Government spending freezes and cuts I couldn't help feel somewhat gloomy.  But these latest figures suggest things are genuinely fragile; the big question is whether the private sector is strong enough to pick up the slack as wider public sector cuts really start to bite later this year?

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