US Procurement News: CoE Survey, Intellectual Property Theft, JDA/Red Prairie

Some news about our sponsors:

A Spend Matters Sponsor Shake-Up! - Spend Matters rarely has much movement in the sponsor areas. We have limited the number of sponsors at any one time since the site was launched eight years ago this month. Yet our sponsors tend to stick around for a while, which has created quite a bit of demand for those who want to come in (especially on the Associate level, which is usually the entry point for most). But we recently had a few changes (as you may have noticed). D&B, a long-time Spend Matters Lead Sponsor, has moved over to our sister-site MetalMiner as a Lead Sponsor there (focused on supplier risk and supplier compliance) and has joined Spend Matters as a MetalMiner Affiliate Sponsor. More on this soon, including some exciting new offerings from D&B that we'll share in our introductory welcome post this week.

Every Friday is better when there’s a survey involved!

Procurement CoEs: It's Not the Size of Your Toolbox, It's How You Use It! - We interact heavily with the heads of such groups (which go by different names: "procurement excellence", "procurement transformation", "procurement systems and tools", etc.), and since they are always asking to benchmark with each other, I thought I would design a quick survey to let them compare what types of 'services'/capabilities are in their groups versus others. I also thought that I would practice what I preach in terms of "keeping it simple", and designed the survey to be doable in less than three minutes. Click here to take part.

Intellectual Property theft: a legitimate worry?

Supply Risk and Intellectual Property Theft (Part 1) - A few weeks back, I sat in on a fascinating (and downright scary) presentation at ProcureCon by MacDonnell Ulsch (Don), President & Chief Risk Analyst, ZeroPoint Risk Research, LLC. Don is one of the world's top experts on intellectual property and cyber security. In the spirit of hopefully encouraging Spend Matters readers to pay more attention to the supply risk and intellectual property (IP) theft we face through weaknesses in our IT and supply chain systems, I'll share some of my notes from his discussion. (Part 2 here)

JDA and RedPrairie’s merger - potential for greatness/disaster?

Will the JDA and RedPrairie Legacy End in the Perfect Order or a Stock Out? (Part 1) - Last week, I quickly pieced together a Friday Rant which was somewhat critical – from a strategic standpoint solution standpoint – of the announced merger of JDA and RedPrairie. This of course says nothing for the financial synergies of a roll-up play where, at the right valuation, 1+1 can still equal three. Still, looking at products, it's hard to discount that JDA and RedPrairie could potentially become the one vendor to bridge the visibility, inventory and scheduling gap at all levels of the supply chain in CPG, retail, warehousing and distribution (if they get things right). But it won't be easy. (Part 2 here)

A research paper on some serious supplier management:

Advanced Supplier Management: Building a Strong Foundation - This post is based on material contained in the following Spend Matters Compass Series brief: Beyond One-Off Initiatives and a Virtual Vendor Master – Advanced Use Cases for Supplier Management. Organizations starting on the supplier information management (SIM) basics still have much to gain from understanding how more advanced use cases can deliver a level of value that builds incrementally on more foundational deployment approaches and models.

The beginnings of a series on procurement savings in manufacturing:

Procurement Savings in Manufacturing: Transition Suppliers

Procurement Savings in Manufacturing: Culling Out Top Performers

Procurement Savings in Manufacturing: The Operational Perspective

Happy weekend, all!

- Sheena Moore

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