Procurement News from the US: Hazing (again), SAP/Ariba and the DOJ, Upcoming Contract Management Webinar

As Peter has previously touted, please join us for a webinar on Tuesday, 9/25!

Contract Visibility Matters: Join Us For a Spend Matters Webinar on Contract Management -- Join us on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM CDT for a Spend Matters webinar tackling the subject of contract visibility -- a key ingredient to building better contract management that is missing in many contract lifecycle management (CLM) implementations today. We've titled this virtual talk: Getting to Grips with Contract Management -- Managing Contract Visibility, Risk and Opportunity as a CPO. During this webinar, Peter Smith (Spend Matters UK/Europe) and I will be presenting our thoughts on building contract visibility.

Your war stories wanted (plus a hilarious graphic we’ve decided to put on Spend Matters t-shirts).

Attention Vendors! Buyer Negotiation Tactics: What Some Buyers Think is Acceptable -- Does this sound familiar? After going through a thousand questions and multiple rounds of RFPs to online demos and onsite presentations -- when you think you've finally bagged the deal -- the buyer comes back at you with a new requirement. It'll either be a straightforward "sharpen the pencil" request, or something more.

Waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

SAP and Ariba: Waiting for in(Justice)? What the DOJ May Be Seeing -- The DOJ's "second request" review of the proposed SAP and Ariba deal is causing the transaction to drag on at a time when both parties (not to mention many competitors) would appreciate closure rather than uncertainty. We spent quite a bit of time analyzing what we believe the DOJ would look at during their review in a detailed series on Spend Matters PRO a couple of months back.

Procurement hazing, take two.

The Case for Procurement Hazing (Part 2) -- In the first installment of this series, I covered a brief history of ritualized hazing activities, beginning to build the case for what I believe is a need for procurement hazing, to truly welcome those who are worthy into the profession and create a bond worthy of a lifelong career. In terms of hazing implements, I'm not talking about keg stands here, or branding a recruit with a hot metal implement. No, my point is that professional hazing, done right -- and certainly not called by its name! -- could bring significant benefits to the industry, not only furthering the careers and bonds from those already within it, but creating a mystique about it as well.

McDonald’s gets creative with their meat sourcing.

Where’s My Beef? Sourcing Strategies in Capacity Constrained Markets (Part 1) -- As procurement professionals and consultants, we spend far too much time thinking about creative ways to save money. Reduce the number of suppliers to drive volume discounts and rebates. Aggregate demand internally and/or with suppliers. Practice demand management. Drive compliance. Change payment terms. Negotiate through better sourcing practices. Reduce inventory. Claim rebates. The list goes on.


Peter previously mentioned Niki & The Dove in his Reading Friday Preview post, calling it “Swedish electropop, gloomy, atmospheric but good.” Yep, good indeed. I love the late ‘80s synth vibe!

- Sheena Moore

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