Procurement News you might have missed over Christmas..

If you've been enjoying a well-deserved break from everything work-related, including even reading Spend Matters, we'll do a couple of features this week just to recap on what you missed over the last 10 days or so.   Today we'll remind you of some news items that we covered while you were away - there were a few.  Follow the links for more detail.

Nigel Smith, ex boss of the UK Treasury's Office of Government Commerce was appointed Companion of the Bath in the New Year's Honours List.

Supply Chain risk was emphasised yet again, with a liquid theme, as severe floods in Australia led to suppliers declaring force majeure on supply contracts; meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, lack of water was the problem as the big freeze followed by the big thaw brought supply problems to tens of thousands of people.

And risk of a different kind, as China announced restrictions on experts of rare earth metals, used in many advanced manufacturing processes, for the first 6 months of 2011.

We covered and commented on a couple of items that hit the news just before the holidays in the UK; the Infrastructure Cost Review, which looked at how the public sector could contract better for large construction projects, was a much more interesting read than its somewhat dry title suggested.  Meanwhile, controversy built over the announcement that the Forensic Science Service was to be wound down / broken up / sold off. Does this demonstrate markets working well; or a lack of strategic source planning?

And finally, trouble in Nepal as the Chairman of Nepal Airlines is charged with making a down-payment to Airbus for new planes before the purchase had been officially approved.

We'll highlight some of the 'comment' pieces we published through the holidays tomorrow.

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