US Procurement News: Monitor Group Bankruptcy, Marketing and Procurement, Poodles and Pyros

A truly fascinating story...and more to come in the series.

Monitor Group and Libya: The Consultant Interview and Perspective (Part 1) - It's been a fascinating few days of coverage and analysis regarding Monitor Group's bankruptcy and Deloitte subsequently coming in and announcing they were purchasing the assets (i.e., consultants and brands, including Doblin and GBN, of the organization). We've covered the news extensively on our public site (herehere, and here) as well as on our subscription site, Spend Matters PRO, from an instructive supply risk and services procurement vantage point: Monitor Group Goes Bankrupt: Why Services Procurement and Risk Management Best Practices Matter.

More Monitor Group coverage here:

Monitor Group’s Bankruptcy: Risk Management and Services Procurement Matter

Monitor and Deloitte: Exploring Cultural Synergies and Differences

Monitor Group: A Failure of Scenario Planning

(Spend Matters PRO coverage) Monitor Group Goes Bankrupt: Why Services Procurement and Risk Management Best Practices Matter

Of poodles, attack docs, and pyros.

Procurement Today and Tomorrow: Becoming a Fire Starter (Finance’s Poodle to Attack Dog) -- A few weeks back, I spoke at the Zycus customer conference in New Orleans. The topic of my presentation was: Procurement Today and Tomorrow: From Fire Drill to Fire Starter -- Transformative Scenarios For Change. The unofficial gist of my talk was that procurement had essentially become finance's poodle in too many companies, and must transform itself from lap dog to attack dog. Or as I put it during the introduction, our read of current "finance and procurement" collaboration reminds us of what one member of the press affectionately called PM Tony Blair in relation to President Bush (hint: finance is not the dog). (Also see Procurement Today and Tomorrow: Becoming a Fire Starter (Five Pyro Initiatives)

Sapphire in Europe:

SAP and Ariba in Madrid: What’s First Out of the Acquisition and Network Box? -- Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to the first public coming-out-as-one-entity party for SAP and Ariba: Sapphire in Europe (which is happening this week). While Spend Matters is not physically in Madrid, we have been closely following announcements and tweets. Here are some of the basics that SAP/Ariba has announced, nearly all of which fall in line with our analysis and predictions from Spend Matters PRO (links and instructions for signing up for a free trial at the end of this article).

The masses revolt against Delta’s new website.

Traveler Alert: Delta Site Broken, "Upgrade" Breaks Website -- On October 26th I wrote about various dysfunctional iOS and mobility solutions and I gave Delta's website a brief (negative) mention in this story too. Today, I discovered over the weekend – Delta made changes since the last work week – that the airline has carried out a site upgrade that rendered its homepage all but useless to many travellers. That is literally, useless: you cannot log in if you use Internet Explorer. We're not big fans of just about anything Microsoft here in the office. But this discrimination against MSFT-centric browser users on is a mistake only the Friendly skies of competitor United could love.

A burgeoning addressable area of

Marketing and Procurement - Defining Common Ground -- Last night I returned from the inaugural "ProcureCon for Digital and Marketing Services" event that was held in Ft. Lauderdale this week. This was a first-time event for ProcureCon, as well as for the industry; none among the many senior marketing and procurement people I asked knew of any other gathering that approaches the category from a procurement point of view. From a finance perspective, yes, but none with procurement and marketing in mind. The event was a smashing success, sold out (with 120 participants - all paying), and with really good content that I will get to in later posts. And that's not just my opinion. Participants also thought it was good, and long overdue for their industry. The audience came from regular procurement, marketing management, and creative agencies. BUT...I have some notes.

And! This week on Spend Matters PRO

(contact me for a free trial if you’d like -

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Offsets, Local Content, and Supplier Information Management

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