US Procurement News: Our New CTO, Walmart and Reshoring, and More

We have so much Spend Matters news to share this week. There’s our new CTO (who is currently spearheading some exciting things I’m not allowed to talk about yet). There’s our new editorial intern (who is spearheading a US newsletter amongst many other projects and more important, helping me maintain some semblance of sanity). Look for further announcements early next week!

Welcome, Scott Slone!

Scott Slone Joins Azul Partners and Spend Matters as CTO -- We're thrilled to announce today that Scott Slone has joined Azul Partners (Spend Matters' parent company) as Chief Technology Officer. I first met Scott when he worked for Ariba back in the highflying B2B and .com days (I actually knew his previous employer, Trading Dynamics, one of the early pioneers in sourcing software). Scott is not really joining Spend Matters, MetalMiner and our other sites as CTO so much as now we are taking nearly all of his waking hours versus just some of them. From day one in 2004, Scott was the brains and brawn behind Spend Matters technology infrastructure, building out the site for us when he was at Ariba as part of his job running market-facing web technology and content.

Welcome, Sydney Lazarus!

Spend Matters Has a New Intern: Welcome Sydney! -- Hi there! This is Sydney, the new intern here at Spend Matters. For a short introduction, I'm a senior undergraduate student at Northwestern, majoring in journalism and Russian. I'm pretty excited to take a dip into the procurement world after stints at Condé Nast Traveler and Modern Luxury and, somewhat less related, a year teaching English and consuming too much cheese bread in the Republic of Georgia. Only look to the Khachapuri Index for proof of just how popular this staple food is over there.

We’ve built somewhat of a grasp on “social media” now.

Procurement Social Networking: Get Connected to Spend Matters -- Behold: your road map to connect with us through social media, how to get in our face for product briefings and demos, where to send all of your press releases, and what to do if you're dying to write for Spend Matters.

Would you come to a Spend Matters event this year if we had one?

Procurement Technology Events: Your Opinion is Needed! -- We've found that quick web surveys are a great way to pull together thoughtful responses from the peanut gallery, ideally as quickly as possible. Whether you've known us since this morning's random Google search or you've been a regular reader for years, we'd love your opinion. Here's a quick (2-3 minutes tops) survey. Have at it!

Onto some real procurement news:

Cost Management Failures: 10 Reasons SMBs Stink at Procurement -- Last week, we began a blog series exploring the state of procurement in the small and middle market sectors. See 2013: The Year of Source-To-Pay Adoption for SMB Procurement and 3 Essential Procurement Services For Small and Middle Market Businesses. As we continue our analysis of SMB procurement practices, it makes sense to do a level set around why these organizations fail to deliver on their purchasing and cost management promises.

(Spend Matters PRO content) Five Specialist Vendors You Must Talk to in 2013 -- One of the challenges of being a procurement technology consumer is that you're most likely to be contacted by larger providers with significant marketing budgets to invest in aggressive lead generation or existing software providers that you – or your IT organization – are already in bed with.

Will Walmart Bring it Home? Reshoring Retail Spend -- Earlier this week, Walmart announced an initiative to source $50 billion in additional goods domestically by 2023. Announced alongside a program to hire 100,000 Veterans, it's clear that Walmart is stepping up the PR offensive by attempting to change the conversation away from bribery allegations in Mexico to jobs on the home front. It's a message that will resonate well, but how easy will it be to source $50 billion from domestic suppliers in cases where entire supply chains have moved offshore?

New Music: Porcelain Raft

I originally heard this song in a movie trailer and used Shazam to track down the artist, Porcelain Raft, whose album Strange Weekend is quite enjoyable!

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