Procurement News from Spend Matters US: Weekly Round-Up

It was quite a momentous week here in Chicago, because Spend Matters US and MetalMiner successfully hosted our first conference!

It was a truly wonderful event, and provided great insight and debate around the global sourcing arena. We’d like to thank everybody who participated, and if you missed the simlucast, Jason live blogged the entire thing. See coverage below:

Trade and Global Sourcing Summit: Learning About Your Options (Dispatch One)

Trade and Global Sourcing Summit: Trade Policy Panel (Dispatch Two)

Trade and Global Sourcing Summit: MetalMiner Captures the Debate and a Photo (Dispatch 3)

Trade and Global Sourcing Summit: Minimizing Risk in Tomorrow's Global Trade Arena (Dispatch 4)

Trade and Global Sourcing Summit: Cascading Risk Impacts -- Egypt and Beyond (Dispatch 5)

Trade and Global Sourcing Summit: Total Cost Management and Landed Cost Models (Dispatch 6)

MetalMiner provided a great Live Blog as well (Panels 1&2 and Panel 3).

Our other biggest hits content-wise this week actually came from Jason’s recent UK trip and the time he spent with social media guru Alex Ranson. “Over a dinner with our European sponsors, Alex got me thinking quite seriously about the role social media should play in a procurement professional's life. She also lectured me on why Twitter matters -- I'm not totally convinced, unless you're a media company and you want to generate traffic -- in terms of procurement more generally,” he says. See the whole posts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Finally, Google’s Gmail really tested Spend Matters team member Bill’s patience this week as it deleted his entire inbox and outbox for no apparent reason and then provided terrible customer service. Read his story here: So You Believe Gmail Is Free?

I’m having a much-needed vacation day today and am currently headed down to Columbia, Missouri to attend this documentary film festival. I intent to provide a review of at least one thing I see next week! (Can’t let Peter upstage me with his extremely impressive knowledge of popular music).

- Sheena Moore

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