Procurement News from Spend Matters US: Weekly Round-Up

Lots going on in lots of different topics! Let’s jump in:

Some spill over from last Friday, with some interesting implications about expectations from a software supplier: Brightpoint Files Suit Against Emptoris: When Spend Analysis Does Not Go As Planned -- Brightpoint alleges that the suit "arises from the fraud, misrepresentations, breaches of contracts, breaches of warranty and negligence committed by Emptoris pertaining to their purchase of "a Spend Analysis Professional Module, e-Sourcing Enterprise Module, Contract Management Professional Module, and Supplier Performance Enterprise Module."

ICG talks marketing:

Giving a Haircut Without Talking “Savings” -- Tips for Smarter Marketing Spending/Sourcing (Part 1) -- In a series of posts looking at marketing sourcing and Spend Management opportunities over the coming weeks, we'll share experiences and ideas from a handful of providers and tools vendors, beginning with some recent observations that ICG Commerce shared with Spend Matters about tips for approaching the marketing category.

Forrester makes a laundry list:

Forrester's eProcurement Wave Captures the State of the Market -- While I'll leave it to Spend Matters readers to chime in with their views about the relative placement of vendors until I have the chance to go over each specific provider in more detail, I thought it would be prudent to suggest a number of things Duncan gets absolutely correct in his analysis.

A very optimistic guest post!

Got Vision? -- Taking Procurement to the Next Level -- Guest contributor Jason Magidson goes through some best practices.

Trending Topic: Commodities

With Sky-High Gold Prices and Oil at $100 a Barrel, What Sourcing Professionals Must Consider -- Lately I'm sure we've all been reading the wire headlines about commodity price increases and general volatility in global markets (such as oil). But I find that putting myself in the shoes of sourcing, supply chain and finance practitioners, I'm often left without necessary context to look at the potential downstream implications of price activity (e.g., rising related commodity prices such as resins, allocation markets/raw material constraints, logistics costs/fuel surcharges, etc.).

Drunk on status:

China is Taking More Than Our Jobs -- They’re Sucking Up Our Stores of Lafite Rothschild Too -- “Why are the Chinese so hot on Lafite? From what I've heard, a lot of it comes down to status (and at the current insane prices, it makes a small dent on the Chinese trade surplus with the EU and US). Regardless, they've somehow latched onto it. A bottle of Lafite makes an exceptional business gift in China, or so I'm told.”

A film review:

Finally, my review for the best documentary I saw last weekend at the True/False Film Festival: all I can say is see Die Frau mit den 5 Elefanten (The Woman with the 5 Elephants). It speaks for itself, and you will be captivated:

- Sheena Moore

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