Procurement News From Spend Matters US: Weekly Round-Up

There was obviously some huge news last week, which will undoubtedly cause a lot of long-term implications for procurement and the supply chain. See Spend Matters US coverage of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan below:

The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunamis -- Supplier Management and Preparing for Supply Disruptions

Japan's Tsunami Disaster Brings Commodity and Product Shortages

“Why Japan Was Ready”: How Much Can You Prepare?

Switching gears to healthcare, “It's absolutely tragic that anyone with healthcare coverage in the civilized world would be denied a drug have drug therapy delayed because of supply chain bottlenecks,” we think at Spend Matters. Check out the article Supply Shortages Killing Victims -- Failure of Healthcare Procurement/Supply Chain Fundamentals and stay tuned for Spend Matters Healthcare later this year. A new site, a new attitude and entirely new thought leadership to reshape procurement and supply chain fundamentals in an industry that desperately needs it. If you want to play a role in this new venture and you're as fired up about the subject as we are, drop us a line: jbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com.

Some good technology coverage: Jason believes that P2P vendor Verian is the “Southern Comfort” of the sector. In his first post on the vendor, he says “This P2P vendor competes against the likes of Ariba, Basware, Coupa, SAP and Oracle. Verian is probably closest in footprint and focus in the procurement area to ePlus, given its strength in tying asset management to purchasing workflow, process and inventory management. But what separates Verian from the crowd is its consistency of capability across modules and the ability of users to walk away from one solution (e.g., Ariba) and use the capabilities without, to stay on the metaphor, spilling a drop of their drink -- and at a fraction of the cost, at least in one case we're aware of.” Check out the second post as well, and look for follow-up coverage early next week.

Finally, If Only We Were All Starbucks: Frothing Up Rising Commodity Costs Onto Consumers.

Happy weekend all. It looks as though spring may be upon us in Chicago (which means it will most likely snow a foot next week)!

- Sheena Moore

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