Procurement News from Spend Matters US: Weekly Round-Up

Let’s begin with a request: Spend Matters US is looking for guest contributions! “Spend Matters readers are usually pretty quiet, but we know that there are hundreds if not thousands of experts and specialists out there who visit on a frequent basis, and who would have some fantastic content to contribute. We also know that many on the provider side of the house are keen to reach our community in new ways.”

This is from last Friday, but it’s a subject close to my heart as someone who will probably always secretly wish she were a (tenured) literature professor with tweed and elbow patches: Friday Rant: “Business Writing” -- There Is No Formula. Why are business writing skills going straight down the tubes? If you ask me, it’s because nobody reads anything anymore.

Here is the continuation of last week’s posts on P2P provider Verian, including more features (“In demoing the Verian P2P environment, what really stands out is the tight integration between inventory and asset management with the purchasing process.”) and customer references: Part 3 and Part 4.

A good guest piece from NPI on How to Spend Less on Business Intelligence: “As companies seek to "granularize" reams of data to map business and customer trends, high demand and low pricing visibility have put vendors in the driver's seat. Here are several ways you can prevent overspending on your next BI investment.”

Finally, is there anything worse than sitting around on a Wednesday afternoon, waiting for a cable person, plumber, UPS delivery, etc. when the company provides suggested time ranges "8 am - 4 pm, give or take a few hours"? Let’s talk about services optimization.

- Sheena Moore

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