Procurement News from Spend Matters US: Weekly Round-Up

I’m so frazzled with studying for my comprehensive exams tomorrow (the terrible ones where you have to read 800,000,000 novels and all the criticism to go with and write about them for six hours on the weekend to pass graduate school) that I can’t even think of a good procurement-related April Fool’s joke; my heartfelt apologies.

Let’s jump in:

GXS Acquires Rollstream -- Turning a Supplier Management B(2)B Gun Into a Cannon: “Yesterday, EDI provider GXS announced that it had acquired Rollstream, a supplier management software provider. For recent coverage of Rollstream on Spend Matters, you can check out an introductory post series in two parts from late 2010.” Look for further coverage, including implications for the market, on Spend Matters US early next week.

Jason discusses a good presentation he saw at last month’s SIG conference on AT Kearney’s unique take on procurement BPO. “From an overall revenue perspective in the outsourcing market factoring in HR, customer care, F&A and procurement, Kearney suggests that procurement BPO will comprise roughly 2% of the overall outsourcing market in 2012. This may sound low, but it's double the 1% figure of 2007.” See Part 1 and Part 2 for the rest.

The question that burns through your mind and keeps you from sleep at night: Is it Finally Time for E-Invoicing? Jason talks to Peter Loughlin of Purchasing Insight fame, who says "electronic Invoicing has for over a decade promised to deliver a fundamental change in the way accounts payable operates...promises all made in good faith but promises that were not delivered...[one reason is] e-invoicing doesn't make sense. Until now!"

Finally, here’s a post on supply risk, based on an interview with Jeff Karrenbauer of Insight, Inc.: Supply Risk and the Biggest Bet in the History of Las Vegas: That Nothing is Going to Happen

With that, wish me luck, and enjoy your weekend!

- Sheena Moore

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