Procurement news from Spend Matters US – Weekly Round-Up

I flew Southwest to Seattle last night, and despite a gaggle of screaming children, I have to say that no gaping holes ripped in the side of the plane and the flight went over smoothly. So I definitely agree with Bill’s post from late last week: Friday Rant: Kudos for Southwest & Boeing In the Midst of Crisis: “Southwest stepped up to the plate in an unprecedented show of risk intervention and brilliant PR.”

In other news, it looks like mainstream magazines are picking up on the re-shoring trend. The Re-shoring of Spend -- Even Wired is Picking Up On It (Part 1): “The piece in question tracks the global sourcing challenges of a company, Sleek Audio, a "a purveyor of high-end earphones," including their sourcing flight from China. Before changing their production and sourcing strategy, the owner and his son were used to making "the long trip every few months to troubleshoot quality flaws" despite the fact "their Chinese partners assured them everything was under control." (See Part 2 here).

So, we’re about a month out from the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster: what now? 9-12 Months For Japanese Supply Chain Recovery...What Can We Learn in the Meantime? (Part 1) “My friend and colleague Paul Martyn recently penned a well-researched and thoughtful piece over on Forbes, where he suggests it may take our global supply chains 9-12 months to recover from the tragedy in Japan. Specifically, Paul believes that we'll need three to four quarters for Japanese production to fully come back online. He also believes there are three key lessons we can all take away from the tragedy.” (See Part 2 here).

Finally, Aravo announces some changes, and Jason talks to new executive chairman Tim Albison on where Supplier Management is headed.

Alright folks, I’m off for a mini-trip up to Vancouver BC. Happy weekend!

-- Sheena Moore

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