Procurement news from Spend Matters US – Weekly Round-Up

WELL I hope you’ve all enjoyed your bazillions of Bank Holidays...let’s hop straight in:

While you’ve all been counting your Royal Wedding tea cozies and thimbles and partying like Prince Harry (swooooooooooooooon), we’ve been cranking out an inordinate amount of research. Here’s the latest: Spend Analysis -- Making Quantum Leaps: Exploring the Realm of Possibility and Savings with Three New Strategies. Jason says “I've come to feel that at least a portion of our research over the years has become as pedantic and distant from the actual practice of procurement as much of the traditional analyst/research house material we set out to complement. But when it comes to purchase-to-pay and e-sourcing, it can be difficult to bring the nuances of different functional technology capabilities alive in two dimensional prose -- often seeing is believing and there is no replacement in an evaluation or even shortlist exercise without touching, feeling and having a provider create demonstration scripts based on your own unique requirements.”

We’ve also undergone some organizational reorganization! Read about it here.

This is actually a very interesting theoretical debate for me (I wrote a paper along the same lines but related to political science in undergrad): When Black Swan Supply Disruptions/Events Suspend Industry Rules and Norms -- We found this curious story out of India, suggesting that Black Swan supply chain events and supply disruptions may have an impact on industry rules and norms, such as first article testing in the automotive industry (i.e., PPAP).

Along the same lines, can you build eProcurement directly into a country? When Developing Country Grants Have eProcurement Strings: Fascinating Experiments in Jamaica

Finally, SAP has “arranged a marriage” between Hubwoo and Crossgate, which Jason says “has resulted in a range of basic enabling and connecting capabilities that mirror many of the same values and benefits the Ariba Supplier Network delivers to customers (and some, from an SAP integration, that go beyond the ASN).” See the rest of the coverage here and here.

Happy Friday all!

- Sheena Moore

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