Procurement News & Views, September 13th – big job, global trade, Scottish ‘old boys’


We don't feature jobs often but this caught my eye from Supply Management given the salary.  If I understand correctly it is running a procurement outsourcing practice; must be a blue-chip provider given the salary (£150 - 220K), and it is based in Germany, so I wonder who it might be?  ICG? AccentureIBM? Wouldn't have thought Xchanging, BuyingTeam or DHL given the location... Anyone know?


A thoughtful piece here from Swaminathan Aiyar in the Economic Times (India) about why US protectionism (such as banning outsourcing in Ohio to be precise) won't work.

To protect jobs, Ohio Governor Strickland has banned outsourcing by companies getting state government funds. This has raised a storm of protest in India, but it’s a storm in a tea cup.

He also comments on why India itself would benefit by signing the WTO agreement on government procurement, which would open up business to foreign companies, improve value and (in his opinion) reduce corruption in India.


A report by Audit Scotland and investigation by the Sunday Herald has revealed large numbers of Scottish public sector employees who have left and then been engaged as consultants by their old organisations, in many cases without proper competition.  We all know this happens..but that doesn't make it right.  The 'single tender' issue is interesting.  There are occasions where such a route will almost certainly be legitimate, but  Board sign-off does not in itself cover you or make it OK if the EU decided to take a look at the legitimacy of your procurement process.  (I've had to explain that to a few people over the years).

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  1. Rob:

    Right sort of job, wrong sort of country…

  2. Tom:

    Where did you see that the job is based in Germany? It says in the posting “Location – International” – where ever that may be. Might also be arvato services if it was in Germany.

  3. admin:

    good point… so have you sent them your cv??

  4. Rob:

    DHL is a German company Peter, and its global director of procurement/commercial is based in Germany.

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