Procurement news from the US — Weekly Round-up

We’re all addicts.

We’ve all got a collective procurement drug problem, or so says Jason. By far, the most amusing (and commented on) piece this week has been this one: Worse Than Drugs, Booze, Nicotine -- Why Can’t Procurement Shake the Excel Addiction? (Part 1) Check out the comments, add your own, and see Part 2 and Part 3 as well.

Christmas in July.

Though it’s July, the holiday season is just around the corner, and now is the time for companies to begin ramping up. “It's not too far ahead of time to think about the intersection of supply and demand planning this holiday season. In fact, it might be too late for some organizations, depending on industry and supplier relationships, to maximize their supply chain's potential. A recent story in Electronic Buyers News sums it up perfectly with the title: It's July: Are you Ready for Christmas. Granted, consumer electronic products are just one category on customer shopping lists leading into the Christmas season, but they're representative -- or more specifically, their supply chain -- is representative of a broader challenge facing many industries at the moment.” (Here’s Part 2)

A merger!

Altegrity/Kroll Acquires CVM Solutions: Enriching a Supplier Management Offering “Earlier today, it became official. Altegrity/Kroll announced in a press release that they had acquired CVM Solutions. Spend Matters readers learned of the acquisition yesterday after it was announced internally at CVM Solutions (for our initial take, click on the above link for a post on the announcement and some analysis of the deal). According to the press release, Altegrity, ‘the parent company of leading data and information services, employment screening and investigative services providers, announced today the close of the acquisition of CVM Solutions, a leading provider of supplier management technology and data solutions. CVM Solutions will become part of Kroll, an Altegrity subsidiary, which is the world's leading risk consulting company providing a broad range of investigative, intelligence, financial, security and technology services. Terms of the transaction were not announced.’”

Jason and Thomas check out SAP Supplier InfoNet.

SAP's InfoNet is already in pilot deployment in some A&D and industrial manufacturing companies and, as the next verticals to pursue, SAP believes it is a logical fit with high tech, consumer goods, automotive, and oil and gas manufacturers. As a caveat, the solution fundamentally relies on a networked business model to provide value, so companies with supply bases dissimilar from the industries SAP currently pursues would find little or no immediate value from the network capabilities of the solution, until additional, more relevant, industry data pools are started.

Finally, everybody loves taking a survey!

Why Non-Strategic Sourcing is Important Too -- Take a Survey to Explore Just How Much!

Have an excellent weekend, all!

- Sheena Moore

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