Procurement news from the US – Weekly Round-Up

Quiet week again around these parts (though we did just launch Healthcare Matters -- so go check it out! Tom Finn is proving to be quite the blogger, and I especially enjoyed this post on the notoriously creepy Burger King King.)

Here’s what else we’ve got for you:

CombineNet sees some new leadership, and Thomas Kase does an interview: Morning Coffee with Steve Brooke, New CTO at CombineNet (Part 1) “While we were both at Procuri, Steve and I were often in the office around 6 in the morning, taking turns brewing the first batch of java. That was a few years ago. After Procuri was acquired by Ariba, Steve took a few years away from supply chain technology solutions, but he hasn't stayed away from the game. Over the past two years, he has spent a good deal of time honing his skills on cloud technology -- in particular, Amazon web services -- as well as taking his golf handicap down to the single digits! Earlier this year, CombineNet engaged him to provide product and architecture consulting, and the mutual fit for both sides led him to joining the company to head the technology side. I recently had the chance to catch up with Steve about e-sourcing and some of his plans at CombineNet.” (See Part 2 as well).

Another interview -- this one with TPI’s Bill Huber: Secrets to Procurement BPO Success? Spend Matters Questions TPI’s Bill Huber (Part 1) “Earlier this year, I traded notes and thoughts with TPI's Bill Huber. It's hard to not like Bill when you meet him. He's down-to-earth, yet radiates an air of knowledge around the overall procurement and sourcing marketplace in an expert yet never arrogant of pedantic manner. And of course, working at TPI, he knows more than a thing or two about procurement BPO. I had the chance to interview Bill about his own background late this spring and his thoughts on where the procurement BPO market is headed. To explain the delay from the interview to today, I have a few reasons: my notes got lost in offshore transcription, the procurement BPO dog ate my homework, they were taken by my Chinese translator and passed off as an interview with a Chinese BPO expert, etc. Regardless, today we begin our interview series with Bill. I hope you enjoy his observations as much as I do, including who will likely pull ahead in this market from a provider perspective.”

I know you’re dying to know what’s up with orange juice (and Europium Oxide, and palm fatty acid) lately: Banging Your Head in the Dark (No Light Bulbs) “Frozen orange juice concentrate has been on an interesting journey in the last few months. The price has been up and down in a wave like motion with peaks and more recent crashes (which is quite a coincidence). But why was the price so high?”

Finally, the thrilling conclusion to last week’s CSI (Cost Savings Investigators) post from Verian: The New CSI (Cost Savings Investigators) Part 2: Analyzing the Evidence and Cracking the Case

Happy weekend all.

- Sheena Moore

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