Procurement News from the US — Weekly Round-Up

A very quiet week -- Jason was out at ProcureCon (see his first dispatch from the event) and look for more coverage of that next week.

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve written my first white paper, so please go download it! New Research: Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and Consortia -- What You Need to Know Jason says, “I'll admit, for quite a long time, I found the philosophical concept of typical group purchasing organizations or consortia to be somewhat flawed. After all, any entity or intermediary that makes its revenue from suppliers tied to the volume of business passing through its virtual storefront doesn't quite seem incented to get the best possible deal for procurement organizations, now does it? Yet I've changed my tune on GPOs after looking at the numbers. Perhaps it's my age or maybe it's the fact that I now realize that most companies don't have the time to devote to truly sourcing and managing a multitude of indirect categories. Regardless, something has changed my thinking and I have to believe that for the majority of companies, exploring the GPO/consortia possibility should be a logical component of any sourcing portfolio.” Download it here today!

MetalMiner and Zycus produce their first video together! In each episode of this web-only show, MetalMiner Editor Lisa Reisman brings you a concise yet comprehensive outlook on the commodities and metals markets, as well as an exclusive one-on-one interview with personalities working within the commodities sphere.

Finally, if you aren’t already inundated with multimedia, here’s a three-part series on Toyota’s post-earthquake rebuild (and why Jason thinks they may not be taking it far enough): By now, all Spend Matters readers have heard about the massive impact the March earthquake and tsunami had on Toyota's top and bottom lines (not to mention its employees and the employees of its suppliers). Such a tragic story does not have to repeat itself, however, even if a similar disaster occurs again the future. Toyota has embarked upon a series of supply chain risk management investments designed to fortify its ability to produce, distribute and sell automobiles and other products. A recent Reuters story did a good job of summarizing some of the specific steps Toyota is taking. But might Toyota be missing out on others? We'll explore this topic in a series of posts, starting first with what Toyota has embarked on. (See Part 2 and Part 3).

Not sure about the UK, but we’re beginning to see a lot of orange and yellow leaves over's a fantastic new song to complement the impending autumn from Gotye's new album Making Mirrors, reviewed here by (the ever pretentious) Pitchfork:

- Sheena Moore

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