Procurement News from the US – Weekly Round-Up

As Jason is currently on vacation in gorgeous, sunny, warm Florida and we’re stuck here in dreary Chicago, we’ve been sure to throw raucous parties and drink up the entire office supply of beer. (We’ve actually been seriously hard at work, so here’s this week’s news):

We’d like to welcome new associate sponsors Coupa and CombineNet! As Coupa has expanded and accelerated its customer acquisition rate, they have succeeded in moving up-market as well and are getting the attention of larger organizations that previously may only have considered the ERPs and Ariba for P2P. And CombineNet is a company that has fought back in recent years to become one of the top players in a growing and important market niche, not only taking on new investors and new leadership, but also rolling out a new self-service software platform and quickly gaining a strong list of customers using it every day in their sourcing processes.

What’s the true meaning of CSR in your organization, and what’s the general attitude around it? An interesting study from Warwick Business School shows that our heads and hearts might just be in the wrong place: A Sustainable Supply Chain Conundrum: Companies Care About Appearance, Not Outcomes

We’re all learning several lessons right now, be it from recent disasters or continually rising commodity prices. Here’s an example of how CAT stepped up to the plate to make huge, effective changes within their organization: Caterpillar Learns From the Past, Looks Ahead: Shoring Up For a Supply Shortage

Speaking of stepping up to the plate, here’s a quirky little piece about the sole supplier of Major League Baseball’s “rubbing mud” (it IS as dirty as it sounds): Major League Baseball’s Sole Mud Supplier: Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud

Finally, Jason does a very interesting interview with Marc Engel, Unilever’s CPO about a range of supplier management areas as a follow-up to his organization's "Partner to Win" supplier development day. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

- Sheena Moore

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