Procurement News from the US — Weekly Round-up

So much research released this week!

P2P distilled.

New Research: E-Invoicing Comes of Age – History, Solution Features, Technology Elements, and More! We've done it again. Spend Matters has made yet another attempt at distilling an important topic into a piece of core research that we hope will become essential reading for companies both getting started or wanting to accelerate their efforts in a specific area of the market. In the case of our latest Compass research series, we've focused on electronic invoicing and invoice automation. We purposely took a counter approach to Gartner and Forrester ratings in this report (read: no MQ/wave or vendor shortlist), completely avoiding mentions of key vendors. Rather, we've distilled to the core at a level we've not seen in P2P research so far of what comprise e-invoicing capabilities as well as its fit within a broader procurement, AP and treasury environment. Download this report, E-Invoicing Comes of Age -- Discovering What's Possible From the Latest Electronic Invoicing / Invoice Automation Capabilities, today, at no charge.

Managing services spend.

New Research: Services Procurement Benchmarking and KPIs -- Truth in Numbers We're excited to announce the publication of a new Spend Matters Perspective examining how companies are getting the most from using services procurement benchmarks and KPIs for contingent workforce management. The study, Services Procurement Benchmarking -- Truth in Numbers to Achieve a New Level of Program Results, can be downloaded for free via the previous link. Without question, KPIs have become an integral part of successful contingent workforce management initiatives and now, SOW programs. As procurement organizations become more sophisticated in managing services spend, many are quickly learning about the benefits of looking at overall quality and the total cost of ownership of a given relationship on top of the hourly costs of individual contingent workers.

A great guest post from Lynn Everard.

The Five Worst Reasons Not to Join a Purchasing Consortium Spend Matters would like to welcome a guest post from regular Spend Matters contributor Lynn Everard, in light of our recently released paper, GPOs and Buying Consortiums Must Be on the Radar for 2011-2012. While the economy continues to try to find its legs and most people are focused on what is wrong, there are leaders and innovators busy creating the market and leading companies of the future. At this very moment, people and companies are innovating paradigm-shifting products and services, climbing to the top of their own industries. The procurement leaders of the future are busy too. They are taking stock of their supply base, working with their engineers to tweak product designs so they use less of more expensive raw materials, and they are evaluating new savings and value opportunities. In this challenging environment, procurement leaders are also seeking additional strategic competitive advantage, especially around re-evaluating past decisions, moving toward using the input of new information about commodities, markets and global competition.

Is the supply chain getting social?

Bruce Richardson Asks: Are We Ready for Social Supply Chains? (Part 1) Perhaps the best-known analyst in ERP and supply chain history, Bruce Richardson, is finally independent again after a stint at Infor. Only a couple of months into this newfound freedom, he's launched a new blog that, well, sounds like the same old Bruce -- and that's a good thing. Bruce offers up a few ideas that we can learn from in the sales and CRM world when it comes to social business connectivity. In Get Ready for "Social Supply Chains" he suggests that Marc Benioff ('s gregarious CEO) should have included suppliers in his view of the social enterprise (rather than just "employees, customers and products"). (Part 2 here)

Jason sits down with Hubwoo to talk about SAP.

Hubwoo and SAP Look Forward -- Which Dog is Wagging Which Tail? (Part 1) Two weeks ago, I had the chance to speak at Hubwoo's Americas user event (they held their European event the previous week). For those who know how close Hubwoo is to their patron, the location of the event would not surprise you -- the SAP HQ in Newtown Square. The US event was well attended (at least 30 practitioners) including a number of who spoke frankly about their experiences, opportunities and challenges. (Part 2 here)

And some odds and ends:

Healthcare Matters Round-Up

Dinner for Two: Cooking with Commodities

Finally, let's get this weekend started correctly with an extremely rare soul 45 that I used to own and stupidly sold:



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