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Year-end predictions (I love year-end predictions. And “Top 10” lists.)

Of the "10 Supply Chain Concerns for 2011"... 5 Are Clearly in Procurement's New Wheelhouse (Part 1) -- Over on Supply Chain Digital, I came across a recent post quoting the study highlights from a consultancy, Crimson & Co, examining the top ten supply chain concerns of 2011. Curiously enough, we count at least five that are clearly in procurement's wheelhouse today. These areas are either jointly or increasingly owned by global procurement -- rather than operations -- teams. (Part 2 here)

How “Lean” is your organization?

Lean Sourcing Maturity: Stage One -- It's rare we ever recycle content on Spend Matters. In fact, that's probably our biggest fault to date (next year, you'll see us improve at repurposing material for different constituents at varying degrees of depth and focus, but more on that later). But we think it's high time we revisited a concept that our sister site MetalMiner pioneered back in the last decade: lean sourcing. You can click on the above links for an intro to the topic, as we'll start today by highlighting the first level in a three-stage maturity model showing the characteristics of organizations that do lean sourcing well. (Part 2 here)


Understanding the Global Footprint for Electronic Invoicing (Part 1) -- Sometimes a picture can tell a thousand words -- or a thousand transactions. Electronic transactions, that is. Purchasing Insight's Peter Loughlin has come up with a simple and useful map that explores electronic invoicing's global footprint (see the photo below and also over on the Purchasing Insight site). In his summary of world activity, Peter notes that "estimates vary, but only about 15% of the world's invoices are transmitted electronically and the level of adoption across the globe varies tremendously." Moreover, as we have explored extensively in our research as well, Peter suggests that the reasons for adoption are quite different in various locales. To wit, "In some countries, despite the approval of the tax and regulatory authorities, take up by business has been slow while in other parts of the world, it is governments' reluctance to accept e-invoicing that is acting as a blocker."

Interesting guest post this week.

Legal Process Outsourcing: Danny Ertel of Vantage Partners at the ACC's Annual Meeting -- Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Danny Ertel, a founding partner of Vantage Partners and a consultant in legal process outsourcing, relationship management strategies, and negotiation techniques. I had the privilege of facilitating a workshop on legal process outsourcing (LPO) at the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Annual Meeting in Denver in October. The session, presented under the auspices of the ACC Value Challenge Initiative, brought together in-house counsel practitioners with varying levels of experience with outsourcing to compare notes and share insights.

Let’s end with my second pick for Top Albums of 2011: Drake, Take Care






Who knew that Jimmy from Canadian teen drama Degrassi could grow up, make friends with Lil' Wayne and the Cash Money Millionaires, and go on to produce a thought-provoking hip hop album that calls to mind Marvin Gaye's darker phases while still pushing the edge of innovation, much as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasty and this year's Watch the Throne did? Drake, I must say I'm glad you ditched Ashley and Spencer and pursued a musical career.

Pitchfork review here.

And the opening track is oh-so-good:

(Editor's Note - contains really quite significant amounts of "bad language" - NSFW)

- Sheena Moore

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