Procurement news from the US: Weekly round-up

My mind is swimming in a sea of acronyms after the amount of editing I’ve done this week, but behold, four new Spend Matters perspectives! Download for free as you see fit:

A Foundational Look at the Evolution of Sourcing Technology and Platforms

Analyzing the Rise of Procurement Staff Augmentation Services: 2011 Update

A Personal Lesson: Reaching the Limits of Reverse Auctions and Strategic Sourcing: When Collaborative and Quantitative Approaches Would Have Delivered More

Spend Analysis - Making Quantum Leaps: Exploring the Realm of Possibility and Savings with Three New Strategies

WHEW. Now that that’s done, onto the news:

Were you affected? Sony’s IP Disaster and Amazon’s Cloud Crash -- Rough Times Ahead for Hosted Solutions and Data? -- It's been a challenging few weeks for those dependent on the cloud, despite the continued stratospheric valuations of some companies embracing virtual deployment and network business models. Even though we're not as likely to be impacted by Sony's recent fiasco in the procurement and operations world, when hackers twice accessed millions of user records, including credit card numbers, birthdays, addresses and related personal profile information, our kids most certainly were (and I'm betting at least a few dozen Spend Matters readers had compromised credit card numbers as well).

Is the US Air Force getting lazy in their sourcing strategy? Low-End Manufactured Goods: No Supply Alternative to China -- Or Lazy Air Force Sourcing Strategies? -- “Apparently, the Air Force is having trouble finding any American produced goods, such as ‘screws, toilet paper holders, bathroom vanity fixtures [etc.]’ needed to build base housing under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.”

Great guest post from Bill: If You’re Not Unemployed It Might Be A Good Time To Buy A House, But Not A Used Car -- “The economic recovery news has not been encouraging this week. Jobless claims are up, the home market posted its steepest decline since 2008 and new car part shortages from Japan have driven used car prices to the moon.”

Finally, is anybody going to Orlando next week for ISM or SAP Sapphire? Because Jason will be there.

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