Procurement News from the US – Weekly Round-Up

After an eerie, spring-like past few weeks, winter is nigh! Our first significant snowfall is currently in process! Unfortunately, now we have to start digging into the snow removal budget. Ok, onward.

New Year’s Resolutions

If you would like to read about my ongoing foray into what it costs to stay in shape when you hate running and love food, please do so here.

Part 2 of a very popular series...

20 Ways the Falling Euro May Impact Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Chain Strategies (Part 2) -- Continuing on with our laundry -- or would that be euro laundered -- list of the 20 ways the falling Euro and Eurozone volatility may impact sourcing, procurement and supply chain strategies in 2012 and beyond, we'll keep exploring a number of broad-based sourcing, contracting and hedging strategies.

Jason’s take on ISM and ADR North America.

ISM Acquires ADR North America: Training, Consulting, China, and Beyond (Part 1) -- Last week, ISM quietly announced via the newswire (without a note to its members), that it had acquired the North American practice and assets of ADR (ADR North America), inclusive of ADR North America's China business. My UK colleague Peter Smith (a former CIPS chairman) and I had the chance to catch up with ISM's Paul Novak (CEO ISM, ISM Services, Inc. and ADR-ISM China) and Bill Michels (President, ADR North America, President ADR-ISM China and ISM Senior Vice President) following the acquisition. Curiously, we both learned about the deal not from ISM (or the newswire), but from other contacts. In my case, another ISM member asked for my insights and thoughts on the deal (which caught me off guard, as you might imagine). (Part 2 here)

In other acquisition news...

Analyzing the GEP/Enporion Acquisition (Part 1: Company and Solution Overview) -- On Monday morning, GEP announced it had acquired Enporion. For Spend Matters' initial coverage of the deal and background on the two organizations, you can read our first take immediately following the announcement from yesterday. We'll continue our analysis in this post, taking a look at some additional details about the transaction and the acquired organization.

Some new research on SAP.

How does SAP Stack Up When it Comes to Supplier Management Fundamentals? (Part 1) -- In a recent Spend Matters Compass report, Supplier Management Market Observations: Recent Trending, Musings on SAP's Core Offering and General Deployment Pitfalls (for all Solutions) to Avoid, we take a look at a recent version of SAP's On Demand Supplier Management solution, noting that from a procurement perspective, SAP checks the box with what we would consider core supplier management features including supplier self-service (or the potential for self-explanatory, self-service, based on how a user chooses to configure their system).

Finally, here’s what’s going on with Healthcare Matters lately! Healthcare Matters Round-Up

...and with that, I’m off to play in the snow. Have a wonderful weekend, all.

- Sheena Moore

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First Voice

  1. Jon Hansen:

    ISM not only sought needed change, they sought one of the harbingers of it when they acquired ADR.

    This is what will make the Bill Michel interview so interesting . . .

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