Procurement news from the US – Weekly Round-up

It’s been a quiet week around the office with Jason off at SAP Sapphire and ISM (yes, both at once). Quote: “I can't explain how busy I've been for the past few days to those who have not shuttled back and forth between two conferences at the same time (8 miles apart, mind you). I've also been triple-booked more than once in a day and had to prepare and present two presentations and facilitate a panel discussion -- plus catch up with dozens of old friends and colleagues, many who could disclose some dangerous things about me from my bachelor years if I were to not buy a hushing round.” He was pretty impressed by some of the new technology and innovation at the events, though, so read about it here: ISM/SAP Sapphire -- Packed Days, Lots of Goodies to Come (Dispatch 1) and Hubwoo and SAP @ Sapphire -- Two Companies, One Team?

As I have successfully passed my comprehensive exams (!!!!!), they’ve decided to award me a master’s degree in a few weeks (hooray!). That being said, I unfortunately have to begin to pay back my student loans now, and I had a bone to pick with the US government in terms of doing so: Dear US Government: I’ll Pay Back Student Loans If You Set a Positive Example

Enlighten me as to why this particular Afternoon Coffee got triple the normal amount of hits this column usually does: Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Who’s been following the France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom merger? Can it work? Jason delves into the issue: Crossing the Maginot Procurement Line -- Can a French/German Procurement Merger Work?

Finally, please provide us and Horses for Sources with your opinion: Speak Out -- The State of the Outsourcing Market (And a Few Thoughts on Procurement BPO)

Ok? Ok. It's Friday!

- Sheena Moore

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