Procurement News from the US – Weekly Round-Up

We have a lot going on right now at Spend Matters. Research, webinars, a new advisory arm (of the business, not an opinionated limb) -- the list goes on. I thought I’d spend today’s column on a thorough company update from this side of the pond (and check back in the upcoming month -- more exciting announcements to come).

So much new research!

We’re in a content frenzy right now here in the US. Check out the new goodies below:

New Research: Surround Strategies to Get More From Existing ERP, eProcurement and P2P Investments -- Today, we're excited to announce what we believe is one of our more thoughtful analyses looking at the P2P and eProcurement market: Surround Strategies to Get More From Existing ERP, eProcurement and P2P Investments. In this paper, we suggest that companies of all sizes are increasingly looking to deploy surround strategies to get more from existing ERP, eProcurement and P2P investments.

Beyond Strategic Sourcing: Building the Business Case For Commodity Management (Part 1) -- If you want to dig into the topic in detail, including strategies to mitigate commodity volatility at all tiers of the supply chain, check out our recently published research briefs: Minimizing Commodity Volatility Through Advanced Commodity Management and Hedging Approaches and Beyond Sourcing and Supply Chain: Commodity Management Solution Fundamentals. (More insight/strategy in Part 2)

New Research: Get the Most from ERP Procurement Applications -- User Experience/Content Management -- Our latest Compass publication just hit the site over the weekend: Getting the Most from ERP Procurement Applications -- Focusing on the User Experience and Content Management. We took it upon ourselves to write this paper to highlight perhaps the two most important two key areas of supplementary investment that organizations considering SAP or Oracle procurement should consider.

It’s Saturday of your holiday weekend -- Of course you’ll want to watch these webinars!

To supplement the new surround strategies paper, above: Surround Strategies to Get More From Existing ERP, eProcurement and P2P Investments

And: Sourcing & Contract Management: SAP and Beyond -- Speed and Insight in the Cloud

Introducing the NEW Spend Matters Group

We're pleased to announce a new advisory arm designed to serve the constituents of our four sites and research organizations: Spend Matters Group. Spend Matters Group was previously a collaboration between me and a long-time colleague and friend, where we worked on a couple advisory deals (almost all tied to small time corporate development and M&A initiatives) each year.

Happy Holiday weekend, all.


-- Sheena Moore





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