Procurement News from the US – Weekly Round-Up

You read it on Spend Matters first: Opera Solutions Acquires BIQ and Lexington

Opera Solutions Acquires BIQ and Lexington: A Procurement and Supply Chain Analytics Aria

Drilling Into Opera Solutions and BIQ -- The Spend Data Mash-up Advantage

Opera and BIQ: Initial Customer, Channel and Competitive Implications

Jason attended Beeline’s event in Orlando (and did NOT bring back the lovely warm weather, much to my chagrin):

Beeline Customer Summit: Putting Services Procurement in Context (Dispatch 1)

Beeline Customer Summit: Putting Services Procurement in Context (Dispatch 2)

Beeline Customer Summit: Exploring Beeline's Goals and Growth (Dispatch 3)

Beeline Customer Summit: Services Procurement Trends and Maturity in Asia/Pacific (Dispatch 4)

We’ve released yet more new research!

New Research -- In Your Back Yard (and Mine): The Global Labor Challenge -- We're excited to announce the publication of our latest Compass research report: In Your Back Yard (and Mine): The Global Labor Challenge. Much of the practitioner focus of services procurement in recent years has been on rolling out fairly standardized VMS implementations and the early tackling of more complex categories that require SOW and/or project-based components (rather than basic contingent workforce automation). Yet the global challenge of services procurement is perhaps an even more compelling area to prioritize. And given the nature of global labor and the continued rising tide of working with third parties -- versus internal resources -- to produce and deliver physical and virtual goods, it's up to procurement to take a leading role in stewarding all of the business, political and PR challenges of managing service contractors and vendors around the world.

A lesson that everybody seems to be focused on lately...

Supply Risk: HP and Hardware -- Yet Another Reason to Focus on Sub-Tier Suppliers -- Most of our attention around supply risk in the past few years has been diverted to deploying preemptive strategies and programs to identify, manage and mitigate supplier financial risk and to minimize the fallout from Black Swan events that disrupt supply chains across a particular geography. But supply risk is something that can manifest in areas far beyond disruptions, from supplier financial hardship/bankruptcies and production/logistics disruptions from weather and other natural (or man made) disasters. Consider a recent case involving HP hardware according to a store in PC Magazine.

Finally, click back to Spend Matters US later today for our coverage of this unexpected bovine disaster. What will the government think to spend money on next?!

- Sheena Moore

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