Procurement News from the US – Weekly Round-Up

Jason attended SAP Sapphire this week. Check out his coverage:

SAP Sapphire: P2P, SRM, and Sourcing in Orlando (Dispatch 1)

SAP Sapphire: Supplier Management Update and Initial Views of SAP SLM (Dispatch 2)

SAP Sapphire: Supplier InfoNet Goes GA -- Quick Take (Dispatch 3)

SAP Sapphire: Intuitive SRM? Finally! SAP’s User Interface Add-On for eProcurement (Dispatch 4)

SAP Sapphire: A Glimpse at Hubwoo’s Supplier Network Future (Dispatch 5)

Thomas is thoroughly impressed by Seal Software.

Seal Software's Discovery -- a Disruptive Approach to Contract Visibility & Management (Part 1) -- It isn't every day that I get to write about a solution that every company of some size needs, no matter what they already have! This series is about a revolutionary way to really understand what is in contracts -- either your own, or those of an M&A prospect. It's not about the standard elements of contract management (even though in this case, the vendor in question has those as well: authoring, clause libraries, repository, milestones, requests, alerts, dashboards, compliance, etc.). No, it's about something just as -- if not more -- tangibly valuable, an approach to contract management that can likely deliver greater ROI and faster than any other solution in this area. (Part 2 here)

What Nike’s up to with CSR.

Intersecting Lean, CSR & Procurement: Nike’s New Supplier Sustainability Index and Program (Part 1) -- Earlier this month, Nike announced some major changes to how it monitors and manages supplier and supply chain corporate social responsibility (CSR). Earlier coverage suggests that the manufacturer and retailer will "launch a new manufacturing index in 2012 that will place factories' sustainable practices 'on equal footing' with the traditional supply chain measures of quality, cost and delivery. The index will now include environmental and labor-sustainability metrics, according to the report. And Nike will use that index to evaluate its suppliers." (Part 2 here)

A top 10 list from Zepol!

The Top Ten Ways Professionals Can Use Trade Data (Part 1) -- Trade data is import and export trade information that is taken from dozens of sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Customs, and assists businesses in a multitude of ways. Zepol Corporation takes complicated U.S. Government trade data and puts it into an easy-to-use online interface. The interface includes three subscription-based tools: TradeIQ™, TradeView™, and ComplianceIQ™. Zepol helps those dealing with the opportunities and perils of global trade. With much deliberation, we have come up with the top ten ways professionals can use this trade data to their advantage. (Part 2 here)

Happy weekend all!

- Sheena Moore

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