Procurement news from the US — Weekly Round-up

Greetings from the frazzled land of finishing my master’s degree (one paper, one final, and one revision left!).

Monday was Memorial Day here in the states, so I did a research piece on wartime/military procurement through the ages: Happy Memorial Day: Thinking of the Troops -- And the Procurement Officers Behind Them. In further holiday news, Spend Matters has implemented summer Fridays until Labor Day!

We are on a risk rampage, so look out content-wise, and look within your own company to see what you could be doing that you may not be. There’s more coming next week, but here are the highlights from this week:

Counterfeit and Unapproved Parts Go Beyond A&D: Where We Know the Problem is All Too Real -- A problem unseen is not one that is likely to go away anytime soon. The problem of counterfeit and unapproved parts in the A&D supply chain, which Paul Teague recently called attention to is likely just as large (if not bigger) in other industries that don't monitor it as closely. Of course A&D is unique when it comes to caring about the issue -- it has to be, given the extremely high costs of even a single failure. Given the focus and concern in this particular vertical, you'd think that attention to the problem would lead to improvements and reductions, but you'd be wrong.

Even Accenture Pays Attention to Supply Chain Risk Management: A Five-Pillar Framework -- Usually when Accenture points its thought leadership and strategy cannons toward a subject, it's after all of the early innovator companies that pioneered the adoption of given approaches and solutions have long come and gone. Consider strategic sourcing, for example. Relative to IBM, CG&Y, and ICG Commerce, Accenture was slow to build the bench strength and category expertise necessary to compete and win in competitive situations based more on the merits of provider capabilities and proposals than existing partner relationships.

Here’s the third to last in our series on Coupa’s new release (final will run on Monday) -- we’re still impressed: Updated UI, Features, Same Opinionated Spend Management Attitude (Part 3)

Speaking of new releases, we have a lot to say about Bristlecone and SAP's latest Spend Performance Management release: Bristlecone Pushes Flexibility, Knowledge, Pricing as Differentiators With SAP SPM (Part 1). See Part 2 as well.

Here are Three Tips For Taking Advantage of E-Sourcing Tools in Today’s Volatile Markets.

Finally, here is a video of Jason at SIG: SIG Jason Busch Final

- Sheena Moore




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