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Turns out there are a lot of lessons to be learned in the process of launching something brand new. Spend Matters PRO has been our main focus this week, the ever-evolving darling that she’s become. Read all about our ups, downs, and ultimate decisions in the launch process here:

Spend Matters PRO -- Advancing Procurement Publishing Distinction with Tales From the Launch Pad -- Roughly three weeks ago, we quietly launched Spend Matters PRO in beta. Frankly, we saw a large hole in where we believe research in the procurement (and related areas) needs to be going. To us, Spend Matters PRO contains the frequent, extensive and expert content that research and analyst firms shouldhave published all along for procurement (and to a lesser degree, supply chain and finance/treasury/AP) organizations. But it's not just published content -- or a lack of enough of it -- that's constraining legacy approaches. What we realized in building Spend Matters PRO is that these research and analyst firms have actually trapped themselves within the constraints of their existing business models -- more on this in a minute.

Speaking of Spend Matters PRO, we know we’re solid on one point: the content.

Spend Matters PRO Insight: GEP, Supplier Diversity, and Wondering if the SAP/Ariba Deal Will Close -- Let's talk about PRO's real strength: the content. Last Friday, we posted a round-up of all SAP and Ariba coverage we've put together, including regular Spend Matters as well as PRO content. But that's only the beginning. Here's a list of the rest of the in-depth analysis and technology coverage that's currently available to PRO subscribers

Please add to our list in the comments section...(Part 2 coming early next week)

Ten Potential Procurement Headlines For the Second Half of 2012 (Part 1) -- Someone asked me last week if I could suggest some headlines I see as likely to hit the newswires and business/trade press in the latter half of 2012. I told them that while I have no crystal ball, I do have a few ideas that might prove useful for providers and practitioners as they plan ahead for the rest of 2012 and into 2013. Pay particular note not to just names in the headlines (especially if they are practitioner organizations rather than providers), but others that might stand in their place as well. For example, we've used Boeing as a stand-in for any type of large A&D OEM. However, in the case of vendors, the names could very well represent more than just a proxy (decide for yourself). And remember, these arepotential headlines based on our reading of what's going on the market. They haven't happened yet!

A state-side viewpoint on the rapidly crashing Euro.

Revisiting the Fall of the Euro -- Procurement and Supply Chain Implications -- It was not so long ago that we wrote a multi-part series (read the posts hereherehere and here) examining the potential decline and even ultimate fall of the Euro and what it would mean for procurement, supply chain and trading organizations. At the time, our hunch suggested things would be in for a shake-up. Now, it's proving true. The Euro really is on its last hour if Germany does not take a massive leadership role to save it. This role would prove extremely costly, in large part because the other countries dragging down the EU are not as sober about the prospects. They also have outlandish requirements.

The evolution of supplier management.

Conflict Free Minerals: Competing on the Basis of Supply Chain Certifications and Audits -- Supplier management is a topic that we cover almost daily on Spend Matters and MetalMiner. Much of the interest in this area continues to be from procurement and finance organizations looking at targeted programs for internal compliance or risk mitigation in supply risk management (supplier financial health), supplier diversity, basic compliance (e.g., OFAC, labor, code of conduct, etc.) and related areas that generally fall into either a bottom line or CYA bucket (in the technical sense). But we're finally beginning to see evidence that programs that focus on supply chain auditing are beginning to matter for the top line as well as the bottom.

Happy weekend all!

- Sheena Moore

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