Procurement News from the US – Weekly Round-Up

Another crazy week here at the Spend Matters US headquarters. But! There are just 43 days left until the Olympics, Spend Matters PRO is up and running (check out Peter’s posts here and here from earlier this week to learn more), and summertime has finally arrived in Chicago.

Here’s what went on this week:

Jason had a wonderful (and fascinating) interview with analyst-turned-BravoSolution executive Mickey North Rizza.

Mickey North Rizza -- An Interview: Looking Back, Accelerating Forward (Part 1) -- For many years, the analyst I've respected most in the sector was Mickey North Rizza. Mickey's depth of expertise and background as a practitioner was abundantly clear from the moment any AMR Research (and later Gartner) client engaged her. And besides that, she was -- and is -- one of the nicest people in the sector. Period. Recently, Mickey left the analyst world to join BravoSoluton in an executive role. I caught up with Mickey for a formal interview looking back on her career so far and now, why she is excited to approach the market in a new way on the provider side. We also chatted about how in many ways, this latest move represents a full circle on a journey to drive effective procurement and supply chain transformation and lasting change on all sides of the market. In this multi-part interview series, Mickey looks back and forward on what is to come. It was a great chat. I hope you enjoy her stories as much as I do. - Jason Busch (Part 2 here, and more coming next week!)

Join Thomas Kase for a webinar next week.

Webinar Invitation: The GE Supplier Management Journey -- Next week, I'll be presenting on a webinar with GE, examining how the global behemoth with over $150BB in revenue, and active in industries ranging from aerospace to finance to high tech manufacturing, manages its over 750,000 vendors worldwide. Supplier information management (SIM) has been one of my focus areas for many years now, and it is exciting to look at how GE has addressed their supplier information management (SIM) challenges. I have actually worked directly with GE's global sourcing team in the past; training and helping many divisions of GE buyers get up-to-speed running e-sourcing events. This opportunity to reconnect with GE and see how they handle SIM is quite interesting.

New research in the realm of manufacturing and direct materials sourcing.

New Research: Manufacturing and Direct Materials Sourcing: A Planning Guide for the Next Decade -- MetalMiner and Spend Matters are excited to announce the launch of a combined research study,Manufacturing and Direct Materials Sourcing: A Planning Guide for the Next Decade. Authored by Jason Busch and Lisa Reisman, this Spend Matters/MetalMiner Perspective explores crucial elements of the skills, core technology and expertise that procurement and supply chain practitioners will need to operate in the global manufacturing environment in the decade ahead. As global manufacturing uncertainty continues into the second half of 2012, we still find ourselves (for the most part) largely mired in direct materials sourcing and procurement technologies of the past decade in manufacturing environments.

We had two fantastic guest posts this week:

Top 5 Differences Between LATAM and European E-Invoicing -- Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Steve Sprague, Vice President, Marketing & Product Strategy at Invoiceware International. One of the most common mistakes made in approaching electronic invoicing in Latin America is thinking that the process is similar to the European Union. In the following commentary, I'll focus on the top five e-invoicing differences between EU countries and Latin American countries: specifically Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Key take-away: Latin America e-invoicing will affect the configuration of your ERP system, your ability to ship your product, and will require constant attention to keep up with the changing mandates.

"Guided Buying": The Future of P2P -- Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Pierre Mitchell, "Chief Procurement Research Officer" at The Hackett Group. He can be reached at pmitchell (at) thehackettgroup (dot) com. Translating hard-fought negotiated savings into realized savings through contract compliance and P2P transactional compliance can be a difficult task. Doing so while creating an intuitive and compelling experience for requisitioners can be even more daunting. This will obviously require more than a rotely executed "drive-by sourcing" event and resultant contract thrown over the wall into a poorly designed and automated P2P process/system. Requisitioners not able to easily find what they're looking for (and then get hand-slapped when they bypass preferred vendors) are not exactly going to have a "delightful experience" with procurement's designed buying process. As procurement organizations, we have to make it easier for them to do the right thing and guide them to such 'preferred supply'.

Finally, here’s what’s up on Spend Matters PRO (registration required).

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Marketing the Procurement Function – An Introduction

Have a lovely weekend, all. I’m headed to the beach!

- Sheena Moore

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