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What’s up with this Spend Matters PRO business??

SAP and Ariba: Customer and Prospect Implications – E-Invoicing (Part 1) -- We've received many queries lately about Spend Matters PRO content: What is it? How is it different from regular Spend Matters coverage? For the next couple weeks, every Thursday, we'll feature a full article that has appeared on Spend Matters PRO. Keep in mind: this is the stuff that appears on Spend Matters PRO every single day. This content is bigger, more in-depth, and juicier than anything you've seen before on a regular publishing schedule. So enjoy the freebies...but for maximum impact, it's best to become a Spend Matters PRO subscriber!

Spend Matters PRO Publications to Date -- Overcoming Mediocrity in Procurement Research -- Here at Spend Matters, we believe that quality research, opinion and analysis stands on its own. It's based on this rationale that Spend Matters PRO has been able to change the game for publishing and analyst research in the procurement market for good -- in less time than it takes a typical research brief to work its way through machinations of legacy research firms. Don't believe us? See what others are saying about Spend Matters PRO already. In less than two months since launching, PRO has out-published other so-called "research" and "analyst" firms by well over 2,500% in the procurement and related sectors that we cover. We base this calculation both on absolute terms (i.e. word count) and also on the number of research briefs dedicated just to procurement topics. But more important than quantity is the level of analysis and insight PRO brings, which goes an order of magnitude beyond everything else we've seen.

I can’t think of anything better to do on a sunny summer afternoon than delve into the latest juicy Spend Matters research...

New Research: Services Procurement Spring Cleaning - 10 SOW Resolutions -- Today we announced the publication of our latest Spend Matters Perspective: Services Procurement Spring Cleaning: Ten SOW Resolutions to Get Ready For a Lasting Savings Summer. Before downloading this perspective, it's worth noting that it has already been a long, hot, early summer here for much of the northern hemisphere. Many of us have quickly come out of hibernation from the winter, having eaten too much (and consumed too many single malts) in the months prior. This has led, of course, to expanding waistlines and pounds to be shed before hitting the beach in the latter parts of the summer. And we're sorry to say, many of our New Year's resolutions (for the most part) have gone unimplemented. Here at Spend Matters, we're no different than most folks who have personal (and actual) leftover spring-cleaning to do.

Newsflash: Private equity firms have discovered what everyone else figured out eons ago.

Buy-out Masters Now Buy in Bulk: Spend Matters Quoted in the New York Times -- In my household, our monthly trip to Costco is an ordeal. But lugging seemingly two years worth of toilet paper and paper towels (and soy milk and protein bars and gallons of ketchup and whatever else, you know the drill) up to a third floor walk-up is worth it in cost savings. "Buying in bulk" must be one of the earliest negotiation tactics -- I give you more business, you give me a lower price.

What’s up with A New Politically Charged Spend Marketplace for Custom Parts Launches (Part 1) -- Earlier this year, launched a new direct materials procurement marketplace designed to compete against the likes -- either directly or indirectly, as a substitute offering -- of sites like ThomasNet and Its mastermind might not surprise those who have been in the supplier directory and RFP business for some time. Frank Russo, who is running the effort, has worked with just about every publisher and RFP provider in the engineered and custom parts market at some point in his career as an employee, consultant or advisor (ask him about the various proprietary taxonomies if you want to test him on his depth!) After recently launching his new venture, Frank briefed the Spend Matters team on what he's up to with as well as provided some context behind it.

Ingredients for optimal business performance (a guest post from Verian).

It’s More Than Technology: You Need People and Processes, Too -- "Technology alone is not enough," said Steve Jobs, regarding the pursuit of optimal business performance. "Getting results that make our heart sing," according to Mr. Jobs, happens only when we join industry-leading technology and committed people. At the time, Jobs was referring to the much-anticipated introduction of the Apple iPad 2. Steve Jobs' philosophy rings true for achieving best-in-class cost containment as well. Attaining the highest levels of spend visibility requires more than just technology that automates purchasing and accounts payable.

I told Peter I’ve been on a vinyl kick lately, so today we’re taking it back to the late 80’s with the Close Lobsters:

- Sheena Moore

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