Procurement News from the US – Weekly Round-Up

Huge news from Rearden/Mastercard.

Rearden/MasterCard Take Slices from Amazon, Staples, Orbitz With SMB Marketplace/Purchasing Suite -- Earlier today, Rearden and MasterCard announced the launch of the MasterCard Business Network, a private label and customized instance of Rearden's Deem at Work platform. In the coming weeks on Spend Matters and Spend Matters PRO, we'll provide a detailed review of Deem at Work, including its functional footprint, strengths, weaknesses and competitive position in the market (relative to alternative options rather than direct competitors, since it really doesn't have any). In short, Deem at Work and the new MasterCard Business Network represents a procurement, travel and T&E application for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to leverage as part of their commercial relationship with their card provider. It goes beyond technology to include MasterCard/Deem negotiated pricing with suppliers as well (across a range of categories which we'll explore in our full review).

How will the DOJ rule for SAP/Ariba?

Anti-Network Trust or Anti-Network Bust? The DOJ Review of SAP’s Proposed Acquisition of SAP -- Spend Matters PRO is two-thirds of the way through our three-part, 4,000 word coverage of the DOJ's second information request analysis of the SAP/Ariba transaction (the second part went live this morning). If you're not a PRO subscriber, you're missing out key research and analysis that provides a view into what the investigation may hinge on -- and even potential remedies that could be proposed (if the second request for information results in any actions). We even do a full detailed review of second requests and subsequent DOJ/FTC actions by the numbers.

A full-length Spend Matters PRO piece will be featured on the US site every Thursday morning for the remainder of summer!

Supplier Diversity -- Creating Shared Value for the Future of the Nation -- We've received many queries lately about Spend Matters PRO content: What is it? How is it different from regular Spend Matters coverage? For the next couple weeks, every Thursday, we'll feature a full article that has appeared on Spend Matters PRO. Keep in mind: this is the stuff that appears on Spend Matters PRO every single day. This content is bigger, more in-depth, and juicier than anything you've seen before on a regular publishing schedule. So enjoy the freebies...but for maximum impact, it's best to become a Spend Matters PRO subscriber!

Procurian aquires MediaIQ.

Procurian Acquires Media IQ -- Expands Marketing Practice to Media Audit, Measurement, Benchmarking -- Earlier this morning, Procurian announced that it had acquired Media IQ, a boutique software, services and information firm and one of the leading North American specialists in media auditing, measurement and benchmarking. Media IQ competed with Accenture (Accenture Media Management, formed from the 2005 acquisition of Media Audits), Ebiquity, Cortex Media and Media Management in a rather cottage industry of boutique specialist media audit, measurement and benchmarking providers (each who attempts to differentiate based on several methods -- geography, reach, benchmarking, analytics, etc.).

Some new research to add to your summer reading:

New Research: Overcoming Services Procurement Challenges of Project and SOW-based Solution Adoption -- Throughout the course of recent interviews with a variety of practitioners and providers, Spend Matters discovered a number of reasons for a surprisingly broad and divergent range of project and SOW-based capability inside procurement organizations, featured in our new Compass research paper: Overcoming Challenges of Project- and SOW-based Solution Adoption -- Part 1 (available for free to qualified practitioners in our Research Library). While some are clearly doing SOW right, pushing hundreds of millions of dollars in annual spend (or more) through VMS platforms that have been extended to manage all of the intricacies required for SOW enablement, the majority of companies do not find themselves as fortunate. Indeed, many are lagging behind in terms of implementation and even platform evaluation. The impact SOW enablement can have (relative to contingent workforce automation through the same VMS) can be highly, highly variable.

A guest post from Alvarez & Marsal.

The New Normal for the Procurement Organizations -- Procurement organizations have evolved over the years from a transactional back-office function to a strategic and competitive value-add function. Today, mature procurement groups are influencing and leveraging 50+% of an organization's sourceable spend. As a result of the 2008 global recession, many companies were forced to abandon collaborative sourcing approaches in order to obtain immediate cost reductions. While there is no doubt that generating immediate savings has a substantial impact to a company and its financial wellbeing -- it is a short-term gain that typically is not sustainable. As the economy recovers, procurement's value proposition is resurfacing with a stronger focus on sustainability and governance.

The Olympics are nigh!!

...and I think the Ralph Lauren outfits are hideous (not to mention made in China -- a sourcing issue in its own right!). Oh well. I can’t wait to watch the rowing (whose uniforms were, in fact, made here in the good ol’ USA).

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  1. PlanBee:

    Damn you sir. Londoner through and through. Wife’s from Yorkshire though and I’ve managed to keep my kids from her so far.

  2. Sheena Moore:

    Probably nil, to be honest. I was more interested in the sourcing/manufacturing aspect of the story — Ralph Lauren, iconic “American” designer, sends the entire US Olympic team to represent their country in clothes made in China. It’s just an interesting metaphor. I apologize it’s not UK/Europe-specific.

    1. Rob:

      Ignore PlanBee. He’s probably from Yorkshire, a very grim part of England, where they’re often found eating their own kids.

  3. PlanBee:

    And the relevance to me of who designed the US Olympic uniforms is …… ?

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