Procurement news from the US – Weekly Round-up

It’s been a very quiet week around here (mostly due to the fact that we’re conserving movement since it was so hot outside). Here’s what’s up:

A top ten list! (I love top ten lists).

Are you Ready to Implement Supply Chain Risk Management Technologies? Ten Questions to Ask

Tips to Support Supply Chain Risk Management Platform Success + Building the Business Case: Over the past couple of weeks, you've most likely noticed a number of posts from my presentation with Sherry Gordon at ISM, focusing on the risk track. In it, we shared what we believe is some of the most important and condensed advise we can give to companies considering supply chain risk management technology programs. In this post, I'll share a number of tips for SCRM success, plus some critical building blocks for framing and building a business case in the area.

Some technology reviews...

We finished Coupa’s series and introduced Supply Dynamics and Rearden Commerce (Ketera). A lot more to come over the next few weeks.

New Coupa Release -- Updated UI, Features, Same Opinionated Spend Management Attitude (Part 4): We've spent quite a few words lately highlighting many of the new capabilities and design elements in Coupa's latest spring release. In short, the application not only continues to charge down the path of breaking new UI ground....

Supply Dynamics -- Making Sourcing/Supply Chain More Strategic Through Demand Aggregation (Part 1): Supply Dynamics is a boutique vendor serving a niche (a not-so-small niche, I might add) extremely well, but is anything but a household name in the procurement and supply chain manufacturing community. Focusing on demand aggregation to help OEM and large tier-one suppliers buy more effectively on behalf of their supply base, the solution combines a range of elements focused on the acquisition, analysis and reporting of material demand data down to the unit level (as measured in weight) for raw materials.

Rearden Commerce’s (Ketera) New E-Sourcing Tool -- Simple, but not Simplistic (Part 1): This is the first technology review by Spend Matters’ new tool curmudgeon, Thomas Kase! For those who don't know Rearden, they acquired Ketera last year, and the latest sourcing toolkit represents the next release of a Ketera solution. But it's one that flexes its muscles in a range of new ways. Previous iterations were too support-intensive, too complex/complicated despite only basic underlying functional capability. The new solution is clearly user-friendly.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m ONE PAPER away from a master’s degree. And here's an appropriate treat to leave you with...

- Sheena Moore

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