Procurement News From the US – Weekly Round-Up

What will they think of next? A stunning new entrant into the world of hideous ideas: Turn your house into a billboard, get free mortgage.

D&B buys Supplierforce, expands European reach: The announcement suggests D&B has bought the assets and IP out of liquidation, and it also appears part of the management and all of the "customer support" team will be joining the D&B organization. Jason interviews Declan Kearney, who is now running Supplierforce as a business unit for D&B. (See part 2 here).

Speaking of D&B, we sat down with Jim Lawton to discuss Apple’s recent “Sustainability Report” in terms of supply chain transgressions. “Jim was a supply chain executive with HP before he went over to the provider side, and he put on his previous operational hat in discussing his views on where Apple must go next. According to Jim, the fundamental issues that any high-tech manufacturer with global operations faces are difficult given the distributed nature of the supply chain, and we're not just dealing with widgets. ‘No one wants to hear that real people are being hurt at all, from chemical poisoning or underage labor,’ he suggests.” (See part 2 here).

Over the past year, we’ve done a large series focusing on Ariba Supplier Network alternatives. This week we featured Oracle’s OSN: “Of the two largest ERP providers, Oracle decided early on in its eProcurement application development to pursue a network enablement strategy for suppliers to facilitate transactional information exchange. SAP, in contrast, required customers to directly connect with suppliers or work with a network partner or third-party network for transactional exchanges (in this regard, Oracle also has a network partner, Transcepta, that provides a cost effective means to enable the bulk of a company's suppliers versus a select few).” (See part 2 here, and part 3 is coming on Monday).

“I am only 6 but I think I can do this job.” A young train enthusiast goes for the big-time.

- Sheena Moore

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