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A Zycus P2P parade in New Orleans?

Zycus Horizon: Expanding the Suite in Spend Analysis, Sourcing, and P2P (Part 1) -- Yesterday morning at Horizon, Zycus' customer conference in New Orleans, Zycus CEO and founder Aatish Dedhia spent 30 minutes describing his vision for the company. A sizeable crowd (roughly 200) sat and listened. Many of those we spoke to are current Zycus spend analysis (iAnalyze) customers and potentially customers of the broader suite vision including purchase-to-pay (P2P) that Aatish described in his talk. In a series of posts looking at this vision on Spend Matters and Spend Matters PRO (and how far Zycus must go to achieve it) we'll first report what we learned at the event and then provide a detailed analysis about where Zycus is heading and how the execution of their strategy will impact customers, prospects, competitors and partners. (Part 2 and Part 3 here)

Of (sacred) cows and services procurement.

Services Procurement: Slaying the Sacred Audit Cow (Part 1) -- Tackling complex (read: high value, high visibility and potential high risk) services categories is a theme that we've covered quite a bit on Spend Matters of late, and we plan to continue to explore it on a more granular basis than ever. Whether it involves a basic extension of foundational vendor management system (VMS) capability into basic statement of work (SOW) and project-based activities in such areas as systems implementation or facilities services/maintenance or something far more complex and high visibility, services procurement capability is becoming as foundational to procurement success as the ability to tackle indirect spending. (Part 2 and Part 3 here)

Not cows, but SOW.

Exploring Services Procurement SOW Implementations: Lessons From IQNavigator (Part 5) -- Please click here for Part 1Part 2Part 3 and Part 4 in this series. At IQNavigator's customer event, a more advanced SOW customer presented their experience in designing and implementing a program, including sharing key lessons learned. These recommendations centered on a handful of areas, beginning with the elements of building the business case for SOW investment. Part of articulating the value of SOW came from the ability of such tools to help establish "processes and controls" to avoid any surprises around unexpected accrued expenditures at year-end (i.e., late supplier invoices).

Keeping up with with Mickey North Rizza’s blog.

Procurement Competitive Advantage: Harness the Power of Teams -- Keeping up with Mickey North Rizza's new blog, Strategic Sourcing, is a quick daily exercise that always provides a good nugget of knowledge or anecdote – or two. Her recent thoughts on drivingprocurement competitive advantage is a good case in point. Even though it sounds stupidly simple, the concept of "looking past your present situation and plotting a better future for your business" through procurement is not something most of us can readily admit to contemplating on a regular basis. Entering the office every day and thinking about current negotiations, contract implementations or stakeholder engagement can prove all-consuming. But the big picture matters just as much, even if we're as focused on it in the course of daily activity.

Supplier management advice from Alvarez & Marsal.

Supplier Management: Begin with the Basics (Yes - You Really Need to Do This) -- There are three key components of supplier management: contract management, risk management, and performance measurement. Through these key supplier management activities, procurement organizations can successfully reap the rewards of strategic cost management and procurement operational excellence. Effective supplier management requires data, analytics, well-defined service-level agreements (SLAs), performance measurement, industry and/or category expertise and open and transparent relationships.

- Sheena Moore

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