A cool idea from Supply Management

While we're not hesitant about publishing 'constructive criticism' of Supply Management, or indeed pretty much anyone if we think it is deserved, we like to think we're equally willing to give credit where its due.

So here's a great idea from Supply Management! "Could you help an SME for a day"? Here's the piece from the SM newsletter;

Supply Management is looking for volunteers to give up a day of their time to help a small to medium-sized business improve its procurement and supply chain. We will match your skills with the particular problem presented by the small firm and spend the day shadowing you to cover it for the magazine. If you’re up to the task, please email us explaining why you’re right for the challenge.

I was thinking about how procurement people could do more to help in a charities / developing countries sense the other day when we wrote about Madonna, but this is a good example of something positive closer to home.  (I guess as long as the SME is a 'worthwhile' cause e.g. not a provider of low-cost high-alcohol fruit flavour drinks to city centre bars...)

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what comes out of it; perhaps I'll volunteer. But what a good idea.

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  1. MarketDojo:

    It’s a great idea. We ourselves are volunteering our skills and software for a number of charities. I’ll give SM an e-mail right now!

  2. Craig Lorne:

    Grow Movement already do this sort of thing for developing business in Africa. They have over 50 live projects


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