Procurement Organisation and Structure – Free Event with Oracle and Enrich

Back in October, I spoke at a successful “Modern Procurement” event held by Oracle and Enrich, looking at Social Media and procurement. You will of course know Oracle; Enrich provide both software and services that enhance Oracle procurement software and add extra value in terms of functionality – basically helping users get the most out of the Oracle products.

The two firms are now holding another event, and you are invited to come along for the morning (followed by lunch) on February 10th in London, free of charge, to hear me and other great speakers with a really fascinating topic. “Future Proof Procurement – what does the future-proof structure and strategy look like”?

Now I’m not really sure anything can be totally “future-proof” to be honest! But what we are primarily going to look at is the perennial issue of procurement organisation and structure, and how that needs to relate to appropriate procurement strategy. So, at the fundamental level, how should we best organise the procurement function to achieve the maximum benefits for our organisation?

Of course there is no one single answer. The optimal solution will undoubtedly vary depending on a whole host of factors that are specific to every single organisation, ranging from the geographic nature of the organisation to its culture and working style.

But there are some general principles and points that everyone should consider. I’m also particularly interested in how technology is changing things. When I invented the SCAN organisational model back in 2003 (the Strategically Controlled Action Network), it was in response to Dr Dick Russill’s famous CLAN model (the Centre-Led Action Network).

One reason why I felt CLAN often didn’t work in practice, and based on my own experience, was the difficulty the “centre” inevitably had in keeping on top of a highly dispersed procurement network. But of course the huge advances in everything from cloud-based software and big data to simple mobile communications (Skype on your iPad) means that picture has changed considerably in the last few years.

So these are the sort of issues that we will be considering. And by the way, if anyone tells you that how you structure procurement doesn’t matter – they’re wrong. Ask any experienced CPO and they will tell you that it is a very important success factor, and one that in my experience occupies a fair bit of the CPO’s strategic thinking time!

As well as my session, I’m delighted to say we have other excellent speakers – more details on them to follow shortly. We also guarantee to have plenty of time for discussion and debate, as that is an important part of events like this. So do register here now, and please note capacity is limited by the venue, so don’t delay!

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