Procurement Organisation – Key Questions To Be Debated on February 10th

As we mentioned last week, I am speaking on February 10th in London at a workshop event organised by Oracle and Enrich. We hope to see lots of our readers there for what I’m sure will be a stimulating session, with plenty of opportunity for debate as well as listening to some good speakers.

The title is “ Future Proof Procurement – what does the future-proof structure and strategy look like”?

That means looking at procurement strategy and organisation, and in particular, how we can and should best organise the procurement function to achieve both our own specific functional objectives, and more importantly, to make the best possible contribution to our organisations’ goals.

Of course, the basic question of “centralised versus de-centralised” comes to mind immediately when you think about procurement structures. But the issues go much deeper than that. I know a couple of very large organisations that have virtually abandoned a full category management strategy across the organisation, in the main to implement a procurement operating model that stresses closeness and service to their internal stakeholders and “customers” as the number one priority. They feel that is more important than the (perhaps questionable) gains to be made from economies of scale and standardisation across the organisation.

There is also the issue of governance and compliance. Is the role of procurement, at least in part, to act as the policing function for the organisation, and act as a barrier to spending, in some sense at least? Or is it to help budget holders spend their money in a manner that they see as positive and helpful? That is a key question, and again I would suggest it will have a major impact on how we organise the function.

Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much of the presentation I will be giving on the 10th, but we will touch on these issues and more, that’s guaranteed. So join us at the Oracle offices just off Moorgate in London for the morning session (followed by lunch and networking). Do register here now, and please note capacity is limited by the venue, so don’t delay!

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