Procurement Planning and Procurement Value – Past and Future Webinars for You

Guy Allen recently led the latest in the BravoSolution Real World Procurement series with a webinar titled “Procurement Planning for 2018”.  He confided in me that when he first agreed to do that topic, he wasn’t sure there was enough content, but as he got into writing it, he found quite the opposite – there were many interesting issues tied up in that heading.  In fact, the topic takes you into some core areas for procurement functions and executives, around strategy, prioritisation, targets and resources.

Plans must be linked to local matters, such as available resources, the skills of the procurement team and so on, but wider factors, such as the global economic and geo-political situation, must also be a focus, he says.  Allen provided some thoughts about those wider factors for 2018, although that came with a health warning - “2018 is a year of great uncertainty”, with Brexit, an erratic President in the US and so on.

He then gets into more detail around a procurement planning process. You need to gather and analyse inputs before you draft and agree your plan, in conjunction with stakeholders of course. He gives useful advice on how you can engage various stakeholder groups during this process too – and you can still listen and watch the whole webinar on demand here, free on registration of course.

The next and final webinar in the 2017 series is on December 12th and it’s my turn again. I’m talking about Delivering Value (Not Just 'Savings'), which is a great topic, but comes with its own health warning – this is such an important topic for procurement, but not one where there are simple answers. What exactly do we mean by “procurement value” anyway? And how do we link that to wider organisational strategies and goals?

I’m going to be discussing those issues, and proposing some steps that procurement can take to get aligned. I’m also going to talk about how different strategies are needed for different spend categories if you want to provide the maximum value to your organisation (public or private sector).

You can book here – it is a live webinar, repeated twice at 12 noon and 7pm (UK times), the latter aimed at the US audience.

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