Procurement predictions for 2011; what the experts say

Yes, the season for predictions has started.  We're still working on ours, so while you wait with huge anticipation for words of wisdom from us, here are a few other people who have already risked making themselves look very silly in a few months time...

Horses for Sources have published their outsourcing predictions; they are mega-experts in this field and I wouldn't dream of arguing with their analysis! Interesting prediction on mega -merger between Indian / US service providers...

Now a video no less, featuring Paul Martyn, marketing supremo at BravoSolution, leading international provider of supply chain software and services.  Paul does look slightly worried about the whole thing, but he has some interesting thoughts about raw materials buying in 2011, and how suppliers and buyers will work together to mitigate risk.

Mark Hubbard of Positive Purchasing has gone one step further and produced some predictions for the next decade. Given most of us struggle to see beyond next week, that seems a brave move! His piece is available here; he sees increasing supply chain risk (agree there) and a need therefore for greater focus on relationship building in the supply chain.  “In a world of risk and shortage, we need to be the preferred customer for our suppliers", he says.  He also expects a growth in sourcing from local suppliers and away from a globalised approach; he may be right, although we could probably make an equally compelling case for the opposite.

Finally, for now, Everest (registration required) have published their predictions for a range of sectors including procurement outsourcing. They see a 20% growth in business through 2011, and more projects driven by Finance rather than procurement, with a focus on Accounts Payable opportunities. They also predict more SaaS and platform based solutions, which seems a pretty sure-fire bet...

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