Procurement Provider Net Promoter Study – £15 for 15 mins of your time

Many procurement organizations benchmark their internal services using customer satisfaction surveys, and some have adopted the Net Promoter Score methodology as a variation on the satisfaction score. So I thought it’d be great to extend the approach out to external procurement service providers – starting with procurement software [service] providers.

But satisfaction without context doesn’t mean much, so we’re launching the first round of an ongoing “benchmark” survey that gauges procurement provider satisfaction scores for six different procurement process areas. In each, we measure importance, level of automation, currently selected vendors (as well as current/planned technology approaches), and of course the satisfaction score used to generated a promoter score. Depending on the answers to the questions, we also ask a few follow-on questions (e.g., what were the biggest reasons for low promoter scores) and finish off with some questions on major gaps with existing provider offerings (in addition to emerging technology areas).

With the results of this study, we can really get a more quantifiable assessment of how well providers are really performing relative to prioritized process areas – without depending on using reference calls (which can be biased) and our existing client advisory work. We can also offer up insights into where things are going related not just to specific providers, but also trends regarding approaches (ERP vs. best-of-breed suites vs. best-of-breed point applications, etc.) and future solution areas. Finally, it will also be another input to our procurement Solution Maps that we’re developing to help us improve our customer satisfaction.

So, what’s the offer here?

Well, for the first 100 qualified practitioners (those who’ve helped determine procurement technology decisions – at firms greater than $100 million in revenue) participating, we’ll put our money where our blog posts are, and offer your choice of the following:

  • £15 Amazon gift card
  • £15 donation in your name to charity
  • 7-day access to Spend Matters PRO – our premium research and commentary (valued at £150/month)

We’ll also provide results of the study back to you so you can compare yourself to your peers in terms of technology adoption (and strategy), as well as current satisfaction and future direction.

Best of all, it takes less than 30 minutes to fill out the online study. Seriously, it’s pretty easy.

If your interested, please send an e-mail to Sheena Smith at and she will get you registered and send you the study link. Upon completion, we’ll send you the incentive, and in a few weeks, the summary results. All individual surveys are completely confidential and will never be shared with any third parties.


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