Down the Procurement Pub with Andrew Daley, Bloom, Geo-Political Risk and Courtney Barnett

Lots of socialising this week as Jason Busch passed through London and I spoke at the Bloom event (see below). Let’s go with this, as our pic of the week, as our friend Rob Knott of Virtualstock looks like he’s going to challenge Jason to a boxing match …


We’ve been covering various procurement solution providers conferences of late, and if you want another view of several of those, Andrew Daley of recruitment firms Edbury Daley has done his review of the eWorld, Coupa, Basware and SAP Ariba events. He’s pretty positive about all of the them, so don’t expect a hatchet job, but he’s got some useful thoughts about what makes a good event and both the key messages that emerged. “Procurement professionals really are spoilt for choice with solutions at the moment, the power of the technology is amazing, the real challenge lies in how you harness it for your organisation and finding the skills required to do so” he observes.  Read his piece here.


Yesterday I was speaking at the Bloom Procurement Services customer event at Old County Hall on London’s South Bank – a really excellent venue, by the way, great views, food, facilities and character. There were around 65 delegates – not bad given the focus for the firm is purely public sector and management consulting focused.

We’ll have more on my keynote next week, as well as some of the case studies from public bodies who are using Bloom’s vendor neutral framework, put in place by NEPO (the North-East Procurement Organisation). Here’s a picture anyway of the event in full swing…


The recent and current events in Zimbabwe (is it a military coup or not?) and Saudi Arabia (the detention of top people as part of the Crown Prince’s corruption clamp-down) yet again put the focus on risk. In this case what we might call “geo political supply chain risk” – and you can read our take on that in one of the five short risk briefing papers we wrote recently with supply chain risk platform providers riskmethods.


We loved Aussie poet and songwriter Courtney Barnett’s debut album last year, and she has now released a new album (titled “Lotta Sea Lice” for impenetrable reasons) with indie maverick Kurt Vile. It’s pretty cool, although we are not convinced adding Mr Vile really adds to Barnett’s great talent!

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