Down the Procurement Pub with the BBC, Wine, Eminem, Elizabeth and the Catapult

Back to the BravoConnect event and a nice dinner scene for you.  Spanish food can be great, but I was really not sure about the Shrimp Carpaccio at the main event dinner. This was the following evening with some lovely Spanish ham and roasted vegetables - a very enjoyable starter!


The current series of W1A came to an end this week. It satirises the goings-on at the BBC and is very well done, often very funny, with some brilliant comedy acting from Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes and more. However, I do have one problem with it. The whole thesis of the programme is pretty much that senior BBC staff are highly political, jargon-obsessed, vaguely incompetent and socially awkward. My experience of working with the BBC is that in fact, they have some of the smartest people I have EVER met in senior roles. I sat on a Programme Board for a major BBC initiative a few years back and people like their then COO, CFO, CMO, the Programme Director, as well as the procurement staff involved were all enormously impressive. So, have a laugh at W1A, but really, it’s not like that!


The Guardian reported that global wine production is likely to fall to its lowest level for 50 years in 2017.  On Tuesday the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) said it expected an 8% decrease in global wine production to 247m hectolitres for 2017.  That’s because the weather has been freakish in key wine growing countries such as France and Italy, with a combination of both really hot and really cold weather at different points in the year. So, a good time to go long on your wine stocks perhaps – luckily, I have a delivery coming from the Wine Society (still the best way to buy wine) today. Nothing special, just a £6-10 a bottle everyday drinking mix from the Society’s recent South of France and Portugal offers. 30 bottles, keep us going till Christmas ...


Eminem’s music publishing company has won $600,000 (New Zealand dollars that is) from the country’s National Party for using music in a 2014 election advertisement that sounded suspiciously like his track “Lose Yourself”.  (See a very funny John Oliver clip here). That reminded us of the excellent articles our friend Richard Kirstein wrote for us a while back, and of course his fascinating, enjoyable and useful book Music Rights Without Fights.  It points out all the hazards and the good practice around buying music rights as part of the marketing services category portfolio – and is also just a really good read for anyone into music, procurement or marketing!


A new artist we discovered this week, can’t remember from where. Elizabeth and the Catapult is Elizabeth Ziman’s band / vehicle, and she is a very talented musician, classical pianist, songwriter and performer from New York who reminds us of Suzanne Vega and Aimee Mann at times but is basically very much her own woman.  Her new album Keepsake is just great.

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