Down the Procurement Pub with Coupa, Corbyn, and Mark Forster

Greeting from the Austrian Alps where after a first day of blizzards (see picture of outdoor bar somewhat snowed on) we have had several glorious days – freezing cold but excellent skiing. And staying in a family owned and run hotel with very good food.



Only problem is I find the altitude means headaches are an issue if too much alcohol is consumed ... probably for the best. Still managed a few enjoyable beers though ...



Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, gave a speech this week when he talked about the problem of inequality and the high salaries paid to some executives. One of his ideas is that government contractors who want to win public sector contracts must ensure that their CEOs don’t earn more than 20 times the amount of their lowest paid employee. While we sympathise with the intent to some degree, this is a truly daft idea – we’ll say more about that next week!


The Coupa acquisition of Spend360 shows that the firm is not sitting back post their float last autumn. It’s a fairly small deal but strategically important, taking Coupa from having an OK analytics offering to a leading-edge product. What will they do next? Their competitors will be more interested than anyone in the answer to that question …


The charity behind the proposed Garden Bridge in London is no longer a going concern, according to the Daily Telegraph. A vanity project backed by Joanna Lumley (who seems to have more power than 99% of elected representatives) and Boris Johnson when he was London’s mayor, it has been bedevilled by controversy including some very dodgy procurement. A message for Sadiq Khan, now mayor of London – you will get nothing but pain from this initiative, so just kill it. Kill it now …


The Austrian music charts features some international hits such as Rockabye and Human (Rag ‘n Bone Man) but also some more local successes, including one rap act with accordions as the backing … interesting! And Pentatonix, the US vocal group, murdering Hallelujah has been number one – Leonard Cohen will be turning in his grave. But we rather liked this from Mark Forster (not the British medal winning swimmer) – it may be a bit derivative of folk such as Ed Sheeran and Twenty-One Pilots, but works well.

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