Down the Procurement Pub with Donkeys, Mr Snell and Mr Allott, BravoSolution & Eliza and the Bear

Here is a scene from this week’s BravoSolution Real World Procurement event, with my friend and colleague Guy Allen holding forth about sourcing and (amongst other things) why too often procurement lose competitive “power” through the procurement process. Very good lunch too, you might just make out a few wine glasses in the picture! You can book for the next session in the series here, Guy's turn again with The Good, Bad and the Ugly of S2P Implementation.


We have featured the new high-powered Crown Commercial Service category lead roles this week, in a couple of articles here and here, but there are other jobs around. And this one sounds rather lovely - if you like donkeys, that is. The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon (a beautiful part of the world) requires a Procurement Administrator. Closing date is next Friday, it is part time (Monday, Wednesday and Friday, rather weirdly) and it doesn’t pay very well, but if you are a fan of Equus africanus asinus


Good luck to Paul Snell, editor at Supply Management magazine, who is leaving to seek his fortune elsewhere. Despite our philosophical differences with Redactive at times, I like Paul and he is a good writer, so we wish him well. His move comes a few months after Haymarket took over the CIPS media contract from Redactive, but we don’t know whether that has anything to do with his decision – maybe it is a location thing? Twickenham is a great location for some (that’s where Haymarket is based) but is not ideal for others compared to the central London Redactive office.


Stephen Allott, who was “Crown Commercial Representative for SMEs” in the Cabinet Office under Francis Maude’s regime, is stirring things up now he has moved on. We featured his lengthy Computer Weekly article here on Public Spend Matters Europe yesterday, then he got this shorter piece published on the Guardian website this week. He is being active in calling for a somewhat different approach to supporting SMEs, and in particular argues for less aggregation in public procurement – interesting stuff.


I only caught part of their set but it was enough to get Eliza and the Bear a place in our Top Five New Bands from Reading Festival last year. Their first album has just been released full of tuneful indie-pop songs with a touch of the Mumfords from time to time. Quite a few of the songs sound like they will be big festival faves this summer, and you can already imagine the crowd waving their arms and singing along to this one!


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