Down the Procurement Pub with the Greenwich Symposium, Pharma Rip-offs, Trump and the Stones

Yesterday we were at the Greenwich Symposium on human rights and public procurement at Greenwich University in the Old Naval College. It was a very interesting day, talking about some vital issues including modern slavery in the supply chain. Then a few glasses of wine with a very cosmopolitan group of delegates afterwards …  Then got home to watch The Apprentice with Sir Alan briefing the teams in ... The Old Naval College, Greenwich! It was a very good day and we will have much more on it next week.


jason-robJason Busch was over this week and here is a bonus picture – rather dark really – of Rob Knott of Virtualstock having a pint with us in the Kings Arms near Waterloo.



This week there were several procurement-related stories in the press. The prices charged to the NHS by the pharmaceutical industry for certain drugs hit the headlines, as Pfizer were fined, just as the Department of Health announced they were recruiting a super-high powered Commercial Director on £250K a year. He or she will have a major focus on that area, as there is a view that the public purse has been ripped off to the tune of hundreds of millions.  More on both of those stories next week.


We also had the story that Donald Trump thinks that Boeing are trying to charge too much for the new Air Force One presidential jet. We are still unsure whether he is an out of control impulsive ego-maniac, or a brilliant negotiator who is positioning for a future negotiation very cleverly. We’ll find out one day I suppose.


The new Rolling Stones album is their best for years according to all the reviews, as they go back to their roots with a raw blues sound – and a video that features Kristen Stewart. Not bad for a bunch of old-age pensioners.

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